Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1081

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Sean replied, “John was the one who told me not to tell you.”

Cordy simply held his gaze, so he added, “You know his misgivings. He didn’t want to worry you.”

Cordy still did not reply, and the air between them was left in stiff, awkward silence.

Suddenly, she asked calmly, “What’s the situation now?”

It was as if everything John did would not affect her at all, and the current situation concerned her

’He must have obtained evidence of the Lynds’ crimes over the years, but they caught on as soon as
he got it,” Sean replied. ’He’s in their custody right now, and I only received a text from him.”

’What text?” Cordy asked.

‘See for yourself,” Sean said and handed Cordy his phone.

Cordy stared at the photo, which obviously showed the location where he kept the documents.

But that also meant his chances were not optimistic.

Cordy and Patrick were silent for a long while after seeing the photo.

In the latter’s case, o he felt depressed in a way he could not describe.

Still, he took a deep breath to stop himself from thinking.

After all, the big picture was more important.

‘We need to come up with a way to get those documents,” Cordy said after a long while.

As Sean turned toward Cordy, Cordy returned his gaze and explained, ‘Our family will only be safe with
those documents. It may seem like the Lynds are after Grandfather right now, but once he falls, well be
next-and none of us would be able to run.’

‘ Don’t you care what happens to John?” Sean could not help asking.

‘So what if I do? He knows that he’s not making it out,” Cordy replied coolly.

Sean pursed his lips but decided against saying what was in his mind.

He glanced at Patrick, who noticed his gaze and turned toward him in turn, though they all remained
silent in the end.

John was already a gruesome sight of wounds and dripping blood in the basement of Lynd Manor.

Nana stood aside, watching as he barely hung on to life.

Everyone had searched every inch of the building and the grounds, but they could not find that vital

Their only option was to make John talk, but he refused, which in turn led to them torturing him like this.

Even now, Kyle was choking him and growling viciously, “Talk!”

His eyes were flashing with savagery, and he could well kill John in the next instant.

John’s eyes were bloodshot, but he met Keith’s gaze. ‘I told you I don’t know what you’re talking about-

Keith punched him heavily in the stomach before he could finish, making him cough a mouthful of

Nana almost cried out as she watched, her eyes welling with tears right then.

Did Lucas not fear death?

Not at all?!

‘ Did you think I can’t find it just because you hid it?! As long as it’s here in my house, I’ll find it even if I
have to dig six feet under! I’m just giving you one last chance for Nana’s sake-don’t make me kill you!”
Keith threatened him again.

John simply held his gaze but remained silent.

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