Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1082

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Keith was glaring at John murderously, as if he could murder John at the next instant.

However, John never expected to escape unscathed after he had done what he did.

That being said, the Lynds’ influence in organized crime was far beyond what he imagined-he just
presumed that the family had connections with certain groups, and it was not after he procured that
document that he found out the extent of their horrific power!

Even the Cranstons-the so-called most powerful family in the nation- would never win against that. The
Lynds would crush them sooner or later!

That was why he was ready for the worst when he chose to turn around, and his only wish was for
Sean to retrieve the document before the Lynds did… otherwise, the Lynds just might dig six feet under
like Keith promised and find it before long.

He closed his eyes, genuinely giving up on struggling-he had done his best, and the rest was up to

Seeing that John remained unmoved, the murder in Keith’s glare became even more obvious.

He narrowed his eyes and poised his hand-

■Dad,” Nana finally spoke.

As Keith turned toward her, she said, “Let me try.’

Keith was still a little conflicted about his daughter-their family would not be in this situation if not for
her, since there was no question that she had led the fox into the henhouse.

While she was definitely getting her punishment later, no one else in the family would have been
allowed to stand there unscathed.

’We’re married, after all. I should at least try asking,” Nana pleaded again. ’ It’s not too late for you to
deal with him if I can’t make him talk.”

Keith hesitated for a moment before saying, “You have two hours. You know what’s going to happen if
he still doesn’t talk after that.

’I know.”

“And you know you’ll be implicated too.”

’Which is why I have to do my best-for my own sake,’ Nana said resolutely.

With that, Keith left the basement without a word.

’Leave us,” Nana told the burly men who were standing guard after that.

‘We are not to leave without Mr. Lynd or Madam Lynd’s instructions,” the one in the lead replied stiffly.

Nana pursed her lips—she actually did not have much in the way of position in the family.

All she amounted to was being smart and knowing how to curry favor, which earned her Jean’s favor.

Not bothered just then, she turned to look at Lucas, whose face was covered in blood.

‘Was Cordy worth it?” she asked. “Worth the sorry state you’re in?”

“Yes,” John answered without hesitation.

No matter how prepared she was or how many times she heard it before, Nana was still utterly
miserable every time she heard that.

She wanted nothing less to kill Cordy and quell the spite in her, and she swore to do so after this.

As long as Cordy lived, she would be a ticking time bomb stuck between Nana and Lucas, just as
Lucas would never forget about her for the rest of his life.

“No, she’s not!” Nana snapped. “No one is worth dying for! Lucas, you have to live for yourself!”

John did not answer.

To be precise, he did not have the strength to do so now.

Nana took his silence for him wavering, and she quickly added, ‘Just tell me where you put the
documents, Lucas. I promise you’ll live.”

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