Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1084

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As Nana quietly heaved a sigh of relief, the bodyguard asked respectfully, Should we wake him, Ms.

Nana was hesitant, but her father did give her just two hours.

If she let John sleep now, Keith would kill him when he woke up.

’Yeah,” she replied.

The bodyguard nodded, and turned to gesture at one of his boys, who picked up a bucket of water and
splashed it down his head.

John was jolted awake the instant he was splashed, the anguish causing him to grunt without control.

Nana frowned-John did not hurt that much even when she whipped him.

And for an instant, she thought he might die from sheer pain.

‘It’s concentrated saltwater,” the bodyguard explained, probably noticing Nana’s confusion.

Nana wheeled on him and snapped, “Saltwater? Are you crazy?!”

John was covered in wounds, and now splashed with saltwater… she was scared to imagine how
much that would hurt!

“That’s the quickest way to wake him,” the bodyguard replied respectfully.


Nana had suddenly slapped the bodyguard across the face and snapped,” Get out!”

The bodyguard remained unmoved and insisted, “That wasn’t Mr. Lynd’s orders.”

Nana had no choice but to keep her own emotions under check and turned to look at John, whose
veins were bulging from the pain.

Ironically, because he was exerting himself to withstand the pain, some of his wounds that had already
dried up were torn open, and he was once again bleeding.

It was a terrible sight, and Nana asked with heartache and despair, “You still wont talk?”

John remained silent, and Nana was left laughing while tears streamed down her cheeks, asking
quietly, “Why does it have to be Cordy Sachs?

How did I lose to her? Why did I lose to her?!”

She really could not understand-she met him first and they fell in love together first.

Why did he turn into a completely different person after he met Cordy?!

“You lost because I met Cordy first,” John said ever so quietly.

He was really exhausted, and his vision was blurring so much he felt like he would part from the world
at the next instant.

“I’m not Lucas Lynch. I’m John Levine,” he told Nana then, not inclined to keep lying to her because of
that tiny bit of guilt he felt towards her.

At the very least, Nana did not have to regret if he died now.

Nana was left staring at John in disbelief.

Did he just say that he was John Levine, and that he was not Lucas Lynch?!

If so, where was the real Lucas Lynch?! And how did John end up as Lucas, when he was supposed to
be the father to Cordy’s son?!

The more Nana thought about it, the more hysterical she became.

John continued, almost incoherent just then, “I have no way to explain how I became Lucas Lynch, but
the short version is that the real Lucas Lynch is dead, while I happened to be found while I was barely
alive and was mistaken for him. That’s why you never lost around John Levine, because he only ever
loved Cordy. It was none of your fault-he could only love Cordy.”

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