Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1086

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Doug was the person Jean trusted most.

One might even say that she trusted Doug more than her own family in this manner, which was why
she did not question his words.

She thought then that it was fortunate that Nana was rational enough that love did not cloud her mind,
and she picked her family rather than her man.

Otherwise, she would not stand there alive!

Jean’s eyes narrowed, and she barked, “Keep looking! It wouldn’t have disappeared into thin air!”

“Yes, ma’am.”

There was only silence in the black car outside Lynd Manor, and the skies were slowly turning dark.

Cordy asked Sean, “Have you any idea how we’d get in to retrieve the document?”

Sean shook his head-barging in was clearly impossible.

With the Lynds in high alert, both sides would only lose.

There was even less chance for them to find some reason to get inside— this was a critical period for
the Lynds. Not even a fly would be allowed in, let alone them.

In fact, making a move now would only arouse the Lynds’ suspicion, and they would not make it out if
they really went in.

Nonetheless, Cordy spoke calmly just then. “John must have hidden the document very well, but the
Lynds would eventually find it even if they can’t do it right now. And before that happens, no one gets to
enter or leave Lynd Manor-there is only one option to drive them out of there.”

She remained rational even now, focusing entirely on how to retrieve the vital document as if she took
no notice that John’s fate was unknown.

“How?” Sean asked her, always knowing how smart she was, but she always surprised him

“Arson,” Cordy said clearly and resolutely.

Sean’s eyes narrowed.

Beside them, Patrick was surprised as well, but there was no question that it was a great idea.

Once they set a fire, the Lynds would have to evacuate even if they knew someone deliberately set that
fire-their lives were on the line.

And amid the confusion, Sean and everyone else would make it inside.

Unlike the Lynds who were fumbling around in the dark, they knew where the document was and could
easily retrieve it.

But if they did this…

Watching Cordy then, Sean asked, “What about John?”

John was still held in Lynd Manor, his fate now unknown.

He was sure that the Lynds would never set John free, and if they set the fire, they would kill him
before they left.

There was no doubt that they would be hastening his death.

“It’s up to fate,” Cordy said calmly.

Sean frowned, more or less doubtful that Cordy would be that cold.

Still, Cordy gave him a breakdown of John’s current predicament. “The Lynds have him now, and he’s
going to die anyway. We have no way of saving him, so we have to make his death worthwhile, and the
best way of doing it is retrieving the document before the Lynds can!”

Sure, the way she put it was rational, but humans were creatures of emotion.

There was no way Cordy could be this rational.

And yet, Cordy repeated herself resolutely, “Don’t let John’s sacrifice go to waste.”

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