Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1091

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Cordy’s outburst left Sean stunned for seconds, but before he could speak, Cordy said, ‘Please.”

Sean’s heart skipped a beat, and he saw Cordy’s eyes moist with tears even as she watched him.
“Don’t stop me if you consider me family.”

He really must not, because she did not want to trivialize Sean’s sacrifice for her.

“You’re not really protecting me like this,” Cordy added. “Did you think I’d feel comfortable living on if
you died today? There are times when living is no better than dying-l know exactly how that feels
because I’ve been depressed before.”

“Just say yes,” Patrick suddenly said.

Sean turned toward him in surprise-was he really still siding with Cordy now? Was he not supposed to
be head over heels for her?!

Nonetheless, Patrick held Sean’s gaze and said, “Cordy’s right. She would feel guilty for the rest of her
life if you died for her sake. Just say yes.”

Patrick knew all too well that Cordy would suffer if she did not try to save John Levine for the rest of her
life, and he did not want her to live in such anguish.

Sean pursed his lips, though he could not say what was on the tip of his tongue.

“I’ll live,” Cordy promised him again just then. “I’ll prioritize myself when push comes to shove!”

“Fine,” Sean finally relented, if only Cordy said ‘please’-he could never say no to her.

That was why John was right when he said that Sean would get soft on her if he did not lock her up-
and it happened just as John predicted.

‘But you have to promise me-don’t push yourself!” Sean insisted.

“Yeah,” Cordy promised.

Suddenly, Patrick said, “I’m going in too.”

Sean was really speechless just then. “Could you not make things worse right now?!”

“I’m not. I’m following you,” Patrick told Sean calmly and was not arguing hot-headedly for once.

And that calm was why Sean could not get harsh with him, and he turned to Cordy instead.

Only she could get through to the lovesick fool after all.

However, before Cordy could speak, Patrick said, “I feel exactly the same way you do right now, Cordy.
Do unto others what you would do to them.”

Cordy was left stumped by Patrick, and she pursed her lips for a while before saying, “Just let him
come with us, Sean.”

Sean was left gaping at Cordy, surprised that she would agree to it.

‘He feels the same way I do,” Cordy said very slowly and clearly.

In other words, she could not force Patrick to stay out.

Sean was certainly not inclined to stop Patrick either—since none of them feared death, they could all
just charge inside.

At worst, everyone would just die in a blaze of glory, which made for a lively party now that one thought
about it.

And once he made up his mind, nothing was that unacceptable.

When Sean told his men to get them two sets of fireproof overalls, Cordy corrected him. “Make it three.’

Sean understood immediately-the extra one was for John.

But was there really a point?

Still, the trio quickly divided their task.

Sean’s objective was to reach the place where John left the documents and leave without waiting for
anyone after obtaining them.

Patrick and Cordy’s main tasks in turn were to find John, and quickly leave after they did.

Either way, they must not drag their feet once they get in-being responsible fortheir own lives was being
responsible for each other.

Ten minutes later, everyone was ready.

Cordy, Sean, Patrick and six other professional bodyguards rushed toward the blazing inferno engulfing
Lynd Manor.

The fire was certainly wild…

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