Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1094

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Bright flames and thick smoke were everywhere around him when Patrick suddenly stopped in his

He thought he saw Sean with two of his bodyguards and clearly holding a document.

However, he was not moving-because he could not.

Patrick gulped, but kept his distance… because Sean was staring at the rifle in Jean’s hand, aimed
squarely at them.

He had taken off his helmet as well, probably because Jean forced him.

‘So it really was you, Sean Cranston!” She laughed darkly and asked calmly, ‘When did you find out it
was me?”

Patrick’s heart skipped a beat.

The fire was getting everywhere, and it could kill anyone in an instant.

And yet, Jean remained so calm and unaffected…

In other words, she never expected to survive!

The possibility was certainly there when one thought about it—Lynd Manor was basically empty when
they rushed in, meaning that the rest of the family had already evacuated.

There was no telling where they left, but they were gone… and yet, Jean stayed behind.

Patrick gritted his teeth.

Did Jean want to bring them down with her to protect the rest of the Lynds?!

Nonetheless, he refrained from moving just then.

Meanwhile, Sean answered Jean’s question. “Just recently.”

‘And how did you find out?” Jean was actually puzzled-she had been so discreet, but Sean found out

’No one other than your family was capable of this.”

“And you didn’t suspect your own family?”

“We eliminated that possibility before coming to the conclusion that it was you,” Sean replied.

‘Hah!” Jean snorted coolly. “How clever of you.”

“It wasn’t all me,” Sean admitted.

“Cordy Sachs, huh?”


‘She really is as smart as her mother, no?” Jean scoffed, though her approval at the bottom of her heart
was obvious too. “Shame-Jesse himself kicked her out of his house.”

‘Why mention the past now?” Sean asked coolly.

‘Quiet.” Jean nodded before glowering and demanding, “Now hand that over.”

Sean’s fingers clenched on the document-he had gone through great lengths for the document, and he
was not about to surrender it so easily!

‘You boys really are smart,” Jean said quietly through gritted teeth. “To think that Lucas Lynch really hid
it underground. I really would have to dig six feet under to find it!”

“I don’t get it. How did you do this to your own brother?” Sean asked.

The documents he had only contained evidence of the Lynds’ illicit activities and not the reason why
Jean wanted to kill Jesse.

What could have driven her to plot her brother’s murder, especially when Jesse had always been kind
to her?

In fact, the Lynds were in a state of unrest when Jean’s husband died, and danger was everywhere. It
was Jesse who helped Jean pacify them and helped Jean take firm control over the Lynd family while
helping her keep her power over the years.

And yet, she would repay his favor with such spite?!

Nonetheless, Jean was suddenly shaking with rage.

Brother? Why, yes, we were siblings who relied on each other as we grew up… until he murdered my
husband! Did you think Jesse was an angel?! He’s far more cunning and savage than anyone else!”

“Did you think he helped me claim control over the Lynd family for my sake?! No! All he wanted was
more power-to use me as a figurehead to control my own family! I played to his tune over the years just
to wait for my chance to end him!”

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