Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1096

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Sean could clearly see Patrick putting himself between the rifle and Sean himself.

If it went off by accident, it would pierce Patrick’s fireproof overalls no matter how thick it was!

Sean dashed at top speed up to him right then, yelling, “Patrick!!!”

He kept hacking due to the thick smoke swirling around him.

On the other hand, Patrick kept Doug firmly restrained while barking, “Put your helmet on already!”

The fire was so violent now that one would be maimed or even die if they inhaled too much of the

Sean’s eyes were red, though no one could notice with all the flames around them.

Patrick could have been killed, and he was still telling Sean to put on his helmet?!

Still, Sean gritted his teeth and turned back to retrieve his helmet from the ground while his pair of
bodyguards ran up to help Patrick seize the rifle and subdue Doug. 1

Meanwhile, Jean was on the ground, unable to get up.

Even if she survived the fall, the inferno was blazing so violently she could not breathe at all without
any fire protection gear.

“Let’s go!” Sean barked after putting his helmet back on-right now, the most important thing was to

Patrick did not drag his feet either and immediately followed.

However, as they all turned to leave, they did not notice that Jean-who had been motionless for a
while-suddenly whipped out a gun,

Her vision was dimmed, and all she could see were several figures moving swiftly.

She bit down very hard on her own lip, knowing well that any moment could be her last.

Even so, she would take someone with her!

She took aim at Sean, but just as she pulled the trigger—

“Watch out!” Patrick suddenly cried out and leapt behind Sean.


The gunshot was deafening, and Sean slowly turned to find Patrick standing behind him and slowly
dropping to the ground.

Then, he did not move at all as if he turned to stone.

He should be checking Patrick’s injury and taking him with him and running, but his mind seemed to
fizzle out right then…

Meanwhile, in the basement, Cordy’s bodyguard was still hammering away at the chains restraining
John, showing no signs of breaking.

Cordy simply looked on when John suddenly said, “I’m more than satisfied.” His voice was exceedingly
soft but also serene.

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