Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1095

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Jean was definitely over agitated.

However, with the fire around them burning so violently, breathable air was scarce, leaving her hacking
violently after her outburst.

’Ma’am?” Doug asked in concern.

Jean did her best to keep herself together. “I’m fine.”

“It has to be a misunderstanding,” Sean said loudly then. “My grandfather would never hurt you or your

’There’s no misunderstanding!” Jean snapped viciously. “My husband died because of your
grandfather’s schemes! Why else would they leave home together only for my husband to die from the
accident while Jesse stayed fine?!’

‘Have you actually investigated the incident?” Sean asked, staying calm.” Everyone knows that the
survivor in such a case would be suspected, and no one would have done it so brazenly. And you know
better than anyone how careful Jesse was-even if he wanted to kill, he would not have done it so

‘That’s what makes Jesse smart. Everyone was convinced he would not do something so stupid and
did not suspect him at all… But I have evidence! I caught the man who sabotaged my husband’s car in
secret, and he was the one who told me that your grandfather was behind everything!”

’That only makes it sound more suspicious! Don’t you think that person has been-“

“Save it,” Jean cut Sean short, refusing to listen to his logic.

She was dead sure that Jesse killed her husband, and Sean could not present any evidence of Jesse’s
innocence given this situation either.

‘Give me the document, Sean,” Jean said darkly then, “and I’ll spare you for the sake of our kinship! Or
you will die here with me!”

’No, ma’am. We’re family, and should never have been at each other’s necks like this—especially when
you’re my grandfather’s sister! I won’t give this to you, but I won’t use it to take anyone in your family to
court either. It would only serve as leverage to prevent your family from moving against mine! I can help
you get out of here too. You know it’s not too late,” Sean tried to negotiate regardless.

’Haha!” Jean sneered. “Did you think I’d believe you?! Jesse was the one who groomed you-you’re as
cunning as him!”

‘I’m a man of my word, and I promise you that Grandfather will not punish you even if he finds out that
you wanted to hurt him. Most importantly, there’s a misunderstanding-“

‘That’s enough!” Jean snapped icily. “I’m counting down from three. Give it to me, or your brains will
end up on the ground!”

She brought her rifle level-one shot, and anyone would be killed.

Sean looked at Jean warily in turn.

He would definitely die there if she did not get through to him, but it was painfully obvious that Jean
was not giving him any chance.

She was convinced it was the truth, and that was final.

After all, she lived for years in good health, if only by calling upon the spite of losing her husband!




Before Jean could finish, she suddenly felt someone slamming into her from the back, and she fell
forward-her aged body was never going to withstand a blow like that.

That fall would have killed her if Doug had not reacted quickly to catch her and cushioned her fall.

Patrick was tumbled to the ground from the momentum of his tackle, and he felt the world spinning
around him—he overdid it.

When he came to his senses, however, he found Doug getting off from underneath Jean and
scrambling to his feet to get the rifle Jean dropped.

Patrick scrambled toward it as well, but he had yet to recover and he could not move steadily.

Just as Doug was about to pick up the rifle to level, Patrick lunged forward on top of the rifle, pressing
his full weight down on the rifle, preventing him from bringing it to level.

Doug clenched his teeth and tried his best to push Patrick away, but Patrick grabbed his arms in turn,
stopping him from moving.

As the stalemate lasted for heartbeats, Sean rushed toward them!

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