Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1098

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‘You’ve done your best,” John told Cordy. ’I don’t hate you-no, I’m thankful that you came for me in the
end. Promise me that you’ll live well instead of mourning me, and spend your days in happiness with
Patrick. I’ve looked into him… He’s changed over the years because of you, and he’s worth entrusting
the rest of your life with.”

Even so, Cordy’s tears could not stop.

’Go,” John urged her again-any slower and she would not make it.

Cordy bit her lip, but just as she was about to turn away, her bodyguard suddenly said, “Wait.”

Cordy promptly turned toward him, an irrepressible sense of hopefulness igniting within her head and
causing her to shudder ever so slightly.

She actually thought she could not take more crushed hopes just then.

’I think the chains are breaking!” the bodyguard exclaimed in surprise nonetheless. “I see a crack.
Should I keep trying, Ms. Sachs?”

’Yes.” Cordy nodded without hesitation.

John tried to stop them, but the smoke was now so thick he could not even manage a full sentence.

Nonetheless, the bodyguard promptly picked up the hammer and struck the chains violently a handful
of times… and it really shattered!

Cordy worked hard to restrain her excitement-right now, their priority was to stay alive and get out of

She had to catch John quickly too, since he was too weak to stand after the chains stopped supporting
his weight.

“Help him put on the fireproof overalls,” Cordy told the bodyguard, who had been carrying it and left it
on the floor while he hammered the chains.

At Cordy’s orders, he quickly picked it up and helped John, who had to withstand the agony all over his
body, into it.

He really did not want to burden Cordy, but he could not give up when he touched Cordy’s body.

He really could not bear to leave her at all, and he could actually feel her fear that he would actually

As such, he did not dare to push her away again, or it would really break her.

He gritted his teeth and rose to stand on his own feet.

Cordy was left staring at him in surprise-she had seen the terrible shape he was in, but he stood up

“Come on,” John said, trying to make himself sound as calm as possible.

Cordy did not say another word, and the three of them left the basement right then.

It was with considerable difficulty as well, since the fire might have brought down everything around
them if they were a moment slower.

They were not out of the woods just because they got out of the basement either—with the fire blazing
everywhere around them, they could not even tell where the front gate was.

“Over there!” John pointed in a particular direction just then. “That’s the exit! ■

The trio promptly rushed in that direction when they suddenly heard a feeble voice calling out, “John…”

Both John and Cordy turned around to find a woman laying on the floor, looking like she would die

Even though she was doing all she could to look up at them, her eyes were clouded in despair.

Cordy turned to find John stiffened and motionless, but they could not afford any delays with the inferno
around them.

As such, she turned to leave without a word.

She had no idea whether John would choose to save Nana, because she just wanted to leave as soon
as she could just then and stay alive.

However, after walking some distance, she ultimately turned around and saw that John had already
walked toward Nana and taken off his fireproof overalls…

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