Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1099

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No longer hesitating, Cordy turned and hurried out of the burning manor under her bodyguard’s escort.

Their surroundings were thoroughly scalding even with their fireproof overalls, and they could hardly
move forward.

With the fire blazing as it was, they might not make it out if they had a second’s delay, especially
without fire protection.

But that was not something Cordy should worry about-everyone had made their own choices.

It was with great difficulty that she and her bodyguard rushed out of Lynd Manor.

At the same time, Cordy saw Sean rush out as well, seemingly with another person in his arms.

She was uncertain because the figure was wearing fireproof overalls as well-she rushed over to them
and heard Sean bellowing hoarsely, ’Take him to the hospital! Now!”

Cordy was actually stunned-Sean was so worried he seemed to be losing it!

Her heart in turn raced when she had a good look of the person in Sean’s arms. “What happened? Is
that… Patrick?!’’

‘He was shot. I can’t give you the details, but the most important thing right now is to take him to the
hospital,” Sean said urgently.

“Yeah.” Cordy did not press the issue either.

Sean was just worried given the direness of the situation-he would not have acted like that otherwise!

She quickly followed Sean into the car parked nearby and turned around for a look just as she got in.

She did not see anyone come out and told the bodyguard outside the car,” Leave a car here. If
someone gets out, take them to the hospital.”

“Yes, Ms. Sachs.”

With that, Cordy and Sean rushed Patrick to the hospital.

The journey was dead silent-Patrick was in too much pain to make a sound, just as Sean was eerily

Cordy did not say a word either, feeling a mess of emotions.

The car soon arrived at the hospital, and Patrick was immediately stretchered into the emergency room
for surgery.

It was only Sean and Cordy alone waiting at the walkway outside. One of their bodyguards was
standing further away, afraid of disturbing them.

In the end, Cordy asked, ‘ What’s going on here?”

It was better to talk and distract themselves than to keep panicking further.

Sean flinched in response, which left Cordy pursing her lips.

She had really never seen him acting like that.

What could have happened to leave him in that bizarre state?!

However, Cordy did not urge him and silently waited for minutes before Sean slowly said, “Jean caught
me just as I retrieved the documents.”

“She was waiting there?!” Cordy exclaimed in disbelief-was that woman planning to die?

“Yeah,” Sean replied. “She knew we would be going in, so she waited for us, ready to take us down
with herself.”

Somehow, Cordy could actually imagine that sight.

Sean then continued, “It’s Patrick who tackled Jean to the ground and saved me just as she was about
to shoot me. But we were leaving when Jean somehow fired at me with the last bit of strength she had,
and Patrick took the bullet for me…”

Sean’s eyes turned red as his voice trailed off, and it was so soft he could almost hear the faint quiver.

“Where did he get hit?” Cordy asked.

“I don’t know.” Sean shook his head, burying his face in his palms to hide the emotions-even tears-on
his face. “I was afraid to check or ask. I was worried…”

“Yeah, I know.” Cordy stopped him from continuing.

She knew that Sean was afraid Patrick was struck in the vitals-it would overwhelm Sean if Patrick really
died saving him.

Sean was actually a man of sentiment, despite the usual tough front he put on.

Cordy walked over and gently hugged him. “He’ll be fine. Patrick was born lucky.”

Despite saying that, her eyes were red.

After all, if..

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