Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1100

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‘No,’ Cordy told herself. ‘There are no ‘ifs’.’

Meanwhile, time ticked away, and soon half an hour had passed.

The walkway was so silent one could hear a pin drop, but the doors to the operating room were not

Nonetheless, there was suddenly some commotion along the walkway, and both Cordy and Sean
turned toward it.

They found a crowd of medical personnel wheeling two stretchers in their direction, moving so urgently
one could feel that the patients were in a dire state even from the distance.

Cordy blinked.

She did not see the people in the stretchers, but she saw the bodyguard who escorted her into Lynd
Mansion following the stretchers.

Cordy lowered her gaze in turn.

So, the people on the stretchers were Nana… and John?

He was virtually disfigured, and even Cordy would not have recognized him if not for the bodyguard.

She simply looked on and watched as they were wheeled into surgery.

Sean clearly noticed too. “Was that Nana and… John?’

He simply could not be sure since it was too difficult to identify him in that state.

’I think so,” Cordy replied.

“You didn’t find him?” Sean asked, only managing to remember the other objective just then.

‘I did,” Cordy replied -there would only be ash left of them now if she did not.

’Then…’ Sean was perplexed—how did Cordy make it out but not John?

And if she found him, he should have the fireproof overalls to protect him, and he would not be burned
that badly!

‘He went back to save Nana,” Cordy said coolly.

Sean pursed his lips and said nothing else at that.

Right now, Patrick was more important.

The walkway was silent again, and two hours passed in apprehension when the signal lights outside
the operating room finally turned off.

Cordy was caught by surprise, and a little too afraid to face the truth.

She turned towards Sean, and saw that he was no better.

That being said, he had been behaving a little weirdly today, but she did not dwell on it since Cordy was
worried about Patrick’s condition too.

She gritted her teeth and strode toward the doctor, while Sean clearly wobbled as he got to her feet but
quickly followed at the next instant.

’How’s the patient, doctor?’ Cordy asked nervously.

The doctor took a deep breath, and both Cordy and Sean’s hearts could blow up right then.

Nonetheless, he said, “Don’t worry. The patient is not in mortal danger.”

However, before Cordy and Sean could heave a sigh of relief, he added,” The bullet struck his back
and ribs, breaking three ribs and causing some extent of damage to his heart. We have to keep
observing him after he regains consciousness, and if his heart has an issue—”

“He’d die?!’ Sean blurted.

’It’s not that bad. We just have to perform further surgery on his heart,” the doctor said bluntly. “There’s
no reason to worry either-we’ll do our best to treat him.”

‘Thank you, doctor.” Cordy heaved a small sigh of relief.

Sean quickly thanked him too. “Thank you, doctor. Thank you…” Forthem, anything was fine as long as
Patrick stayed alive.

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