Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1106

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Sean scooped Patrick out of bed in an instant, and Patrick glared so hard at the man his eyes were
bulging. “What do you think you’re doing?!”

‘Toilet break.”

“The doctor said I shouldn’t move! I can do it in bed!” Patrick exclaimed.

Sean almost gave him a heart attack-how much strength did he have in his arms?!

He was in his forties, but he could pick up another man so effortlessly!

“Oh.” Sean leaned over to carefully put Patrick back in bed.

Even then, Patrick’s heart was pounding.

He was afraid to move an inch since it hurt to the bone, only for Sean to pick him up as soon as he

He would have come to blows against the man if his bones had mended!

That was when Sean saw the bedpan in the ward and brought it over, putting it beneath Patrick.

Patrick really wanted to snap at Sean to go out already, but Sean simply moved up close and started to
talk off his pants.

“What are you doing?!” Patrick quickly caught the elastic band of his pants- feeling almost violated just

“You need to pee, don’t you?” Sean replied calmly as if it was only natural, even looking perplexed by
Patrick’s reaction.

Patrick almost wondered if he was the one with the issue!

Hell, no! Who on earth pulled down another man’s pants just like that?!

Sean was the pervert here!

As such, Patrick snapped indignantly, “I’ll do it myself!”

’Are you able?”

‘I’m not disabled!” Patrick huffed.

“You basically are,” Sean replied casually. “You wouldn’t need help with toilet breaks otherwise.”

Patrick glared at Sean in turn, having the increasing feeling that he must have caught a brain fart when
he saved the man.

’Out!” he snapped grumpily.

Sean simply turned around and did not argue. “Just do your thing. I won’t look.”

While Patrick was left speechless, he added, “There’s nothing much to see, after all.”

Patrick somehow felt the ridicule in those words.

Damn him! There was plenty to see there!

Still, he did not waste his breath arguing since he had to get it over with, and took off his pants to go
about his business.

The ward was quiet, safe for the fluctuating sound of his urine hitting the bedpan.

Still, he had been keeping it in for a while, and he was too embarrassed to do it whenever Cordy was
around. He would never say that he needed to relieve himself unless he absolutely had to, and now it
was unstoppable like the water gushing from a broken dam…

Suddenly, Sean cleared his throat.

At least, that was what it sounded like-it was actually almost weird, as if he was working hard to stifle a

Patrick was naturally annoyed, but he did not argue since he was relieving himself.

It took a long while when he was finished, and Sean quickly turned… but Patrick did not manage to pull
up his pants in time.

“What are you doing?!” Patrick snapped angrily, blushing right then.

However, Sean allowed his gaze to linger, which left him incensed.

‘Sean Cranston!!!”

Sean finally turned, a clear meaningful smile showing on his face as he did. Patrick had to work hard to
hold back the expletive he was about to spit!

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