Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1108

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Patrick simply felt uncomfortable in many ways-he wanted a fight, but he had no proper excuse for one.

However, while he was bristling from head to toe, he suddenly heard faint but regular snoring.

He turned and was left even more infuriated to find Sean sound asleep.

How heartless Sean was, falling asleep just like that?!

He had a million different ways to start a fight in his mind, only for that buster to fall asleep…

He had to take deep breaths, using every fiber of restraint he had to stop himself from jumping out of
bed and kicking Sean squarely in the face!

In John’s ICU, Cordy was sitting beside his bed.

His whole body-especially his face—was covered in bandages, and there was no way to recognize

However, that familiar presence of his was still there, and Cordy could not describe how she felt—but it
mostly hurt.

That was why she had to restrain herself for a long while before she could finally speak.

’John,” she called out to him.

Then, silence ensued-she suddenly had no idea what she could tell him now.

He was once the one dearest to her, but he was now a stranger.

Nonetheless, she took a deep breath and said, “I don’t know what else I could say, so here goes

He remained still, though she did not actually expect a response.

’I’m going to marry Patrick Stuart,” Cordy said evenly as she looked at him. ‘We’ll do it once he’s better.
If you wake up as well, you might be able to attend our wedding.”

“I’ll keep Dicky with me and keep him safe from harm. As for having children…” Cordy paused and
said, “I think I will. Patrick doesn’t have any, and I cant be that selfish. But the one thing I can promise
is that no matter how many children I have, my love for Dicky would never wane.”

‘I know you probably did not want to hear all that, but I still hope you’ll wake up. Even if my conscience
is clear and your condition has nothing to do with me, I still hope you’ll shoulder your responsibility as
Dicky’s father for the rest of his life.”

And with that, there was nothing more else to say.

Cordy sighed then. “I’m going back to Patrick’s room now. He’s in bad shape and can’t move with his
broken ribs… You take care of yourself, okay?

And with those words, Cordy got to her feet when she seemed to hear something.

She did a double take, but thought she was imagining it.

She was not convinced that a few words from her could wake John up, since there were only that many
miracles in this world.

She strode right out of the ICU ward, not noticing the man in the bed curling his lips in disappointment.

Ultimately, he decided to stay silent.

Cordy found Sean asleep on the couch when she returned to Patrick’s ward, though Patrick appeared
grumpy even as he lay in his bed.

“You weren’t fighting with Sean, were you?” Cordy asked quietly, though she thought the possibility was
very high.

Patrick could never abide with Sean-in fact, she was shocked when Patrick would put his life on the line
to save Sean.

Still, it probably was out of the kindness in his heart or just for her sake.

Whatever the case might be, Cordy was convinced that she would be happy with Patrick.

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