Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1110

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And yet, Patrick suddenly flinched, catching her off guard.

“H-Him…” He pointed behind Cordy through the pain, and Cordy turned to find that Sean had woken

Patrick really gave her such a scare, and she almost thought he saw a ghost!

Taking a deep breath, she asked, ‘You were awake?”

‘Just woke up.’ Sean nodded calmly, appearing more composed than the couple before him. “I didn’t
mean to disturb.’

‘No, you did!” Patrick snapped, unable to control himself just then. “You really want to ruin everything
for me, don’t you?! It took me so much to muster my courage and kiss Cordy, but you had to mess with

Though Patrick was furious beyond words, Sean stayed calm and said,” Then I’ll leave. You can

With that, he headed straight out of the room as Patrick glared furiously.

It left Patrick taken aback, though Cordy felt a little awkward too, and they were left staring at each
other in silence until Cordy asked, “So? Do we continue?”

Patrick gulped-he certainly wanted to continue, but his ribs hurt so much he could not move at all.

Cordy could see that he had trouble moving as well, so she said, “It’s alright. We have all the time we
need to do it later-we’re getting married once you’re better anyway.”

“Yeah.” Patrick nodded-he had to compromise for now and wait until he was better.

Then, after that… It left him all hot and bothered just thinking about it!

After Sean left Patrick’s ward, a hint of loneliness seemed to appear over his neutral face.

He stood on the walkway, taking out a cigarette when he remembered he was in a no-smoking zone, i

He hesitated for a moment and decided to leave the hospital.

However, he had not moved a few steps when a nurse came running up to him, panting, “M-Mr.

She was out of breath and unintelligible, but Sean simply waited for him in silence without hurrying her.

He felt as if a lot of things did not interest him now.

‘M-Mr. Levine is…”

‘Dead?” Sean said, trying to finish her sentence since it was taking her a while.

The nurse did a double take-surprised that he would say the word so lightly, which was always a taboo
around patients who were in really bad shape.

Nonetheless, she eventually said, “N-No! He just woke up.”

Sean was actually surprised and asked for confirmation. “You’re saying that John Levine woke up?”

‘Yeah, he just did,” the nurse explained. “Right after that woman visited him. It’s a miracle!’

Sean headed to John’s ICU ward without delay, where several doctors were examining John at the
same time.

Sean waited for a while before going in, and one of the doctors said, “All his vitals and body functions
are normal, so he’s not in danger at the moment. However, he’ll need a long time to recover from his
burns, and reconstructive surgery would take even longer.”

‘I see,” Sean nodded.

‘Try not to prolong your visits either-burns are easily infected, and a cleanroom is a more ideal
environment for the patient to recover.”

‘Yeah,” Sean replied, and the medical staff all left.

Sean walked up to John at that, whose facial features were protruding from his bandages.

That was why he clearly saw the smile in John’s opened eyes.

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