Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1111

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Sean joked, “Congratulations on not dying.”

John smiled in turn.

He then rasped, speaking with such difficulty as if his throat was dead,” Thanks. Though it seems my
luck has run its course too.”

Sean naturally knew what John was referring to.

Cordy was getting married, after all—he was going to lose her.

After having done so much, he would be lying if he said he did not do it for Cordy.

‘Patrick’s a good man,” Sean said. “It’s no issue leaving Cordy and Dicky in his care.”

John’s smile broadened-leaving his son and beloved woman in another man’s care was no issue?

It was true that a man like Patrick would never allow Cordy to be hurt again or his son to be bullied.

And their lives might just be good with him.

Even so, that was his son and beloved woman they were talking about… and Sean was telling him to
give up before he did anything regardless!

’Take your time and get some proper rest. You might be able to get out of bed in time to attend Cordy’s
wedding,” Sean added with a serious look.

“Let’s hope,” John replied.

Sean did not stay long in John’s ward either, since he had already told John everything he needed to
know while he was unconscious, which he probably remembered.

In that case, there was no reason to elaborate, and Sean decided that he should bring Richard over-
John might recover better with his son’s company.

After Sean left John’s room and arranged for Richard to be brought to the hospital, he headed to
Patrick’s room, remembering to knock before entering this time.

Otherwise, he might stumble on a sight he should not be seeing.

‘Aren’t you supposed to be gone?” Patrick asked, grumpy the instant he saw Sean.

Were they natural enemies of some sort? He always ruined things for him every time things were
getting to the good part!

He even wondered if he owed Sean some huge debt in a past life, that he had to take a bullet for him to
pay for it in this life.

Why else would he do something so stupid?

Nonetheless, Sean did not argue and told them rather mildly, “I have something to say.”

Cordy could not help laughing, thinking that Sean might have trouble flexing on Patrick from now on.

Patrick did save his life, after all—he could demand Sean’s body even if wanted it.

“So? What is it?” Patrick huffed.

‘John just woke up.”

Both Cordy and Patrick were left stunned, speechless.

They never expected him to wake up so quickly… and right after Cordy visited him!

Cordy was pursing her lips, hiding certain emotions she felt just then rather well.

“Anyway, I spoke to him a little. He’s still a little weak after just waking up, but he appears to be in good
shape,” Sean continued. “I told him you two are getting married, and he took it like a champ.”

Cordy said nothing, but Patrick was skeptical. “He didn’t cry a river?”

“He’s not like you,” Sean blurted.

“What’s that supposed to mean?!” Patrick was annoyed right then.

“Anyway, he’s fine now, so there’s nothing to worry about,” Sean said, refraining from arguing with
Patrick. “I have other matters to see, so I’ll be going.”

‘I’ll walk you out.”

Cordy got up and left with Sean.

Along the walkway, Sean asked, “Not wavering, are we?”

Cordy smiled. “No. Still, it’s a little sudden.”

‘I’ve arranged for Dicky to be brought over.” “Thanks.”

“You’re welcome.” Sean smiled.f

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