Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1112

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Cordy asked, “By the way, how’s Grandfather?”

Jesse had been unconscious for so long that the chances of him regaining consciousness were
dwindling further.

“Same old.” Sean sighed. “The doctors said that there’s not much hope at this point.”

“What about the family?” Cordy asked worriedly.

‘I’ll keep things together for now,” Sean said wearily.

“I thought you’re reluctant.”

‘Well, I have no choice when there’s no one in the family who’s up to task.” Sean sighed. “Also, you
don’t have to worry about me-just keep Patrick company and nurse him. Anything else can wait.”

Cordy nodded.

’I’m going now. Call me if anything comes up,” Sean said.

’Yeah. See you.”

Sean nodded and left.

Cordy turned and started to return to Patrick’s room.

However, she paused for a moment before heading straight there.

Patrick was staying in bed, bored, and exclaimed in surprise when he saw her, “Back so soon?”

’I was just seeing Sean out.’

’I thought you’d…” Patrick trailed off, hesitant.

Cordy, however, naturally knew what he was going to say and smiled. ‘No, I didn’t. I’m never going to
meet another man without my boyfriend’s permission.”

Patrick had been a little miffed, but his mood improved immediately. “I won’t meet other women without
my girlfriend’s permission either.”

’That’s for sure.”

’What should I do, Cordy?” Patrick asked, suddenly melancholic.

’What’s wrong?” Cordy asked in surprise.

’I really want to marry you already.”

Cordy rolled her eyes at him-he was such a tease!

And here she thought his ribs were the issue.

“I just think that I’m the happiest man in the world.”

Cordy smiled faintly-she felt happy too.

After two weeks, Patrick could move around on a wheelchair.

Cordy was just taking him out on a stroll when she paused in the walkway, while Patrick was frowning
at the man coming in the opposite direction.

He was in a wheelchair too, although his face was covered in white bandages.

It was a rather funny sight, and Patrick could not help chuckling.

That seemed to bring Cordy to her senses, and she calmly pushed Patrick past John.

John pursed his lips, but never called out to her as if she were a stranger. However, it was after they
were long gone that he turned to watch them, jovially chatting with each other.

“Mr. Levine?” his care worker asked just then.

’Let’s go,” he replied.

With that, the man wheeled him to Nana’s room. 2

She had regained consciousness too-she was almost unscathed when John had got her out of the fire,
with him suffering most of the burns.

Still, she seemed to end up in bad shape because her heart had always been weak.

Regardless, she survived, although she remained feeble.

The doctors said that she would have to stay in the hospital to recover for a very long time, and there
was no assurance that she would fully heal.

Her eyes were immediately tearful when John entered her room.

She thought he would never visit, and he might even be dead.

Even though his face was covered in bandages, she recognized his eyes immediately.

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