Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1114

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John took a deep breath.

Just as he was about to ask his care worker to take him back to his room, he ran into Cordy and

They must have been doing rounds around the hospital walkway and just happened to return.

Since he kept running into the ‘mummy’, Patrick greeted him, “Yo, brother. Having a stroll out here?”

John glanced between Patrick and Cordy, the latter staying silent.

‘Wait, you can’t talk too? But your mouth isn’t bandaged,” Patrick joked.

John pursed his lips. “You probably wouldn’t want to hear what I have to say.”

’Really? But your voice sounds nice.”

’I’m John Levine.”

Patrick was dumbstruck right then—he definitely did not want to hear that.

He stared at John in turn and wondered how badly hurt John was that he ended up looking like that.

Nonetheless, John said politely, ’I won’t impose.’

He gestured at his care worker, who wheeled him away.

Patrick watched as he left casually and turned towards Cordy, frowning.” Did you recognize him?”

’Yeah.” Cordy nodded and explained, “I visited him in his ward before, so I know what he looks like.”

In other words, he was the only fool here.

“Let’s go.’ Cordy, however, was nonchalant about it-it was nothing unusual for a jester like Patrick to
embarrass himself.

‘By the way, is that Nana’s ward?” Patrick asked casually as Cordy wheeled him forward.


’And they are…”

‘ Are you interested in finding out?” Cordy raised a brow.

’Nope.” Patrick shook his head.

’Then why’d you ask?”

“I just…”

’Well, I’m not interested,” Cordy said bluntly.

Patrick smiled then-she was really over John, was she not?

It was like she had suddenly seen the light.

Still, he remembered something else. “By the way, Sean hasn’t been here for a while, has he?”

It had to be at least two weeks now… How heartless could he be?

Patrick saved his life. Should he not visit every other day?

’The trial against the Lynd family is at a critical stage, and he has to attend to Cranston family matters
by himself, so he’s busy,” Cordy explained on Sean’s behalf.


’What, you miss him?”

‘No way,’ Patrick denied it immediately. “I’d rather he never come and bother us.”

Cordy smiled and thought nothing of it.

A month later, Sean finally visited when Patrick was getting discharged.

Sean quietly packed up Patrick’s belongings without a word, but he appeared very tired even after a

Was he that worn out?

Before Patick could ask, however, Cordy asked in concern, “You looked like you’ve aged a century.”

’Been busy and haven’t really rested,” Sean said nonchalantly. “Everything’s packed. Can we go now?”

’More or less.” Cordy nodded.

’Wait, are we going to Cranston Hall?’ Patrick asked.

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