Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1113

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‘Lucas,” Nana called out feebly in delight.

In contrast, John was indifferent as his wheelchair stopped beside her bed.

Nana tried to get up, but John said, ‘Til just say a few things. Then HI be gone.”

In other words, she did not have to do anything-because he would not care.

Nana bit her lip to hold back her tears just then.

‘I just came to tell you that I’m alive,” John said bluntly. “But our so-called marriage is also over. And
call me John Levine—Lucas Lynch is gone from this world.”

Nana’s tears quietly streamed down her cheeks, but she asked, ’Can you really still get together with
Cordy now?”

She did not ask about herself since she was in no place to talk terms with John now.

Moreover, the fact that none of the Lynds were visiting her indicated that they had trouble fending for

She could not compel John with her family’s influence, and she could not coerce him with suicide.

And since John saved her almost at the cost of his own life, he had already repaid his life debt to her.

Nothing she could do would work now…


Even so, John did not lie to her-nor did he have to.

As Nana stared at him, he calmly said, “She has a better partner now.’

‘Patrick Stuart?’

‘That’s her business. I merely give her my blessing.’

In other words, whatever Cordy might choose, he would stay away and refrain from imposing on her

’Can’t we start over?” Nana asked humbly then. “Cordy has her own life now. Can’t we just-“

’No,” John said bluntly. “She has my sincere blessings, but this is my life we’re talking about, and I wont
settle for less.”

’You’re saying that… I’m lesser?”


Nana’s heart was numb with pain.

But what could she do?

She did her best, but John simply would not love her.

’Things aren’t looking good with your family, and it might get worse,” John said. “The only thing I can
offer is enough money so that you could live comfortably for the rest of your life.”

‘So you’re paying me off?”

’The money is already in your account. Even with the cost of your medical fees, it’s enough to sustain
you for life.’ i

‘Should I thank you?’ Nana sobbed. ‘Why bother with the hypocrisy? You destroyed my family!”

“Your family’s own lust for power has already done that. Your grandmother was bent on murdering
Jesse Cranston and usurping their family estate, but they’d eventually end up in this sorry state
anyway. I just hastened their doom.”

Before Nana could speak, he added, “I give you all these not out of guilt. It’s alimony for our divorce.”

So he was just complying with human obligations and not doing this out of sympathy-so that they would
have a clean break.

’Take care of yourself,” John said and started to leave without delay.

‘John Levine,” Nana called out to him in agitation.

He stopped and turned to see her tear-stained cheeks as she said, “You take of yourself too.”

John’s heart skipped a beat-he was unable to hide that fraction of a reaction just then.

Even if he never felt love for her, that did not necessarily mean he did not feel for her in any other way.

And at this moment of final parting, he was still a little emotional.

He nodded slightly but stayed silent as he left Nana’s room.

And once he was out, it meant everything was over between him and Nana.

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