Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1116

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‘Sean Cranston…” ’There you go.” Sean had put Patrick in the car before he could finish, leaving him
grumpy for some reason.

Cordy was watching as the entire interaction took place and wondered if she was imagining things.

Why else did she have this nagging, indescribable feeling?

‘Cordy?’ Patrick called out to her.

‘Oh,” Cordy murmured and quickly gathered herself-her thoughts had certainly been a little

After they returned to Cranston Hall, they sent Patrick to his room.

After settling everything for him, Cordy returned to her room.

She had been working online most of the time lately, and there was a video conference soon.

She studied the various agenda to be discussed and practiced how to convey her opinion with

However, someone opened her door while she did, and she looked up to find Richard gingerly carrying
a glass of coffee into her room.

While Cordy had been taking care of Patrick, Richard was spending his time with John, so they rarely

Seeing him now actually left Cordy guilty-she had definitely been neglecting Richard even though she
promised John she would always take good care of him.

Now that she was about to marry, she was already leaving Richard to his own devices.

’Mommy, are you busy?’ he asked as he put her coffee on his table.

’Thank you,’ Cordy smiled. “I have a video conference in half an hour.”

’Then I won’t impose,” he said in understanding.

’Is there something you need for, Dicky?” Cordy asked.

He nodded silently.

’There’s still time until the meeting. Sit,’ she said and quickly brought a chair so that he could sit beside

’I’ve been visiting Daddy recently,” Richard said.

’Yeah, I know. How is he doing?” Cordy smiled and asked, not keen for him to find his parents
estranged with one another.

’His doctor said he’ll be fine.”

’That’s good.”

’And Daddy told me you’re going to marry Mr. Stuart?”

“Yeah.” Cordy nodded.

’But now, Daddy and you…” Richard knew that Cordy did not want to hear that from her, but he hoped
that she would make up with John regardless.” He couldn’t come back because of Nana Lynd, but

they’re divorced now, and the Lynds can’t threaten him either. I even heard Uncle Sean saying that
they’ll soon be arrested. Doesn’t that mean you can start over with Daddy?”

’I know you really want that, Dicky, but things are going well with me and Patrick,” Cordy said, patting
his head. ‘We’re in a relationship, and you can’t make me end things so hastily, right? And relationships
can get complicated, so I’m not sure how to explain since you’re still young. You’ll understand when
you’re older.”

‘No-I understand, and I’ll support any choice you make… but I just think that Daddy still loves you, very,
very much,” he said resolutely.

Cordy pursed her lips.

She was reluctant to hear more about John, but she did not want to hurt Richard either.

“Daddy wasn’t doing great when I was with him. The doctor said his burns were extensive, and not all
people can withstand the pain. I know that he didn’t get hurt because of you-that he got hurt because
he wanted to save Nana, even though you did everything to save him. But Daddy just didn’t want to
owe that woman anything. He wants to be free, so that if you ever change your mind, he can be with
you with a clear conscience.”


’Let me finish, Mommy,” Richard said, determined.

“I said that Daddy was hurting before, right? He’d always wake up while sleeping from the pain, and
every time he did, he’d murmur your name. Sometimes, I wonder if saying your name curbed his pain.’

‘Also, he often went strolling around the corridor even though the doctor advised against it since he
might get his burns infected, which would make recovery harder. He refused anyway, but I know he

wanted to see you that badly.”

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