Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1115

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Sean asked, “Why? Not used to the place?”

“No, but it’s no good if I had to keep staying at your place, right?” Patrick said, slightly embarrassed.

’When did your skin become so thin?”

’Are you saying that I was already thick-skinned?!” Patrick snapped-Sean really knew how to push his

‘Stop it. I arranged this,” Cordy said, cutting them short since she could not stand their squabbling.

Patrick pursed his lips but did not breathe a word, while Sean would never provoke a fight for no

’Even if you’re getting discharged, the doctors advised that you keep resting for another three months
and not overexert yourself,” Cordy explained. “I’d be worried if you had to go home alone, let alone
board a flight to Rocktown. And since there’s still much to do for me in the capital and North City, you
can stay here with me for the time being.”

’Alright.” Patrick agreed to it right away, too afraid of arguing at all.

Sean could not help chuckling, and Patrick had the feeling that the man was mocking him.


Rumor had it that his family background was not ideal and he would never know the happiness of
mortals, so he would not argue.

They left together, with Patrick still in his wheelchair so as not to impede his recovery.

Along the way, they ran into John, who was still bandaged from head to toe.

Should he not have recovered since it has been over a month? Why was he still bundled up like a

Cordy did not greet John, nor did he impose.

As such, it was Sean who ended up asking, ‘Did your doctor mention when you can get discharged?”

‘It’s still too early.” John did not give anything specific and turned toward Patrick. “Are you getting



’Thank you,” Patrick replied politely.

And with that, things turned awkward again.

Sean broke the stalemate right then and asked, “Where’s Dicky?”

“He’s not coming today,” John replied. “He said he’ll be waiting at Cranston Hall since Patrick is getting

“Ah,” Sean said and nodded.

’Let’s go,” Cordy said then and pushed Patrick past John as they left.

John quietly watched as they headed to the distance…

Outside the hospital, Patrick was making a fuss about getting off the wheelchair and into the car by

However, he suddenly felt his body turning light, and he quickly clutched at the man before him.

Looking up at Sean, he snapped, “What are you doing?!”

‘Helping you get in,” he replied.

’I can do it myself,” Patrick huffed.

Sean frowned. ’Just don’t move.” “I said I can do it myself.” ’Don’t push yourself.”

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