Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1118

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However, there was a small flight of stairs leading to the garden.

Patrick judged the distance but found it a little too tai I—his wheelchair would flip if he went down

However, he did not have anything to lean on if he tried to walk down there … and he could not really
crawl down there, could he?!

If he forced himself to go straight down and aggravated his broken ribs…

Forget the pain. He was on a timetable to marry Cordy!

But as various thoughts crossed his mind, a voice suddenly spoke from behind him. “What are you


Patrick squealed and jumped, startled by the sudden presence-his wheelchair lurched forward and
started to roll down the stairs!

However, before his face slammed straight on the ground, a silhouette appeared before him and
quickly gathered him in his arms, 1

The other man also blocked the wheelchair that was about to fall on Patrick, but it slammed hard on

Even so, he straightened his back and caught the full brunt of the blow without letting it hit Patrick at all.

When Patrick came to his senses, he found himself staring at Sean, who was gritting his teeth and
withstanding the pain without a sound.

“A-Are you okay?” Patrick asked worriedly.

Sean kept restraining himself and said rather dully, “I’m fine. What about you?”

“I’m fine,” Patrick said-in fact, he did not feel any pain, though he was really shocked.

Sean had certainly caught him well and shielded him completely from harm.

He did not have time to entertain the other messy thoughts clouding his mind either as Sean
straightened the wheelchair and picked up Patrick, putting him on his wheelchair again, and asked,
“Where were you going?”

“Oh. I just wanted to stroll around the garden.”

“You can ask a servant to help you if you want to get out next time.”

“I saw that they were all busy, and I don’t know them that well,” Patrick said, chagrined.

“Then call me,” Sean said.

‘Aren’t you even busier?” Patrick asked, his voice suddenly a little louder— Sean was the one who
brought him to his own home, but both him and Cordy ended up neglecting him.

“And I don’t know you that way,” Patrick then added grumpily.

Sean chuckled. “Aren’t you a man? Why are you fussing like a little girl?”

“I saved your life, Sean Cranston!”

“Yes, yes, dear savior. So I’m now at your beck and call for whatever you want.” Sean grinned.

“I just want to go on a stroll. And I’m a little hungry.’ Patrick certainly did not hold back, since he had no
reason to when it was Sean Cranston.

Forget saving his life-they would be in-laws soon enough.

‘Okay,” Sean replied and started to push Patrick through the garden.

“What have you been doing recently anyway?” Patrick could not help asking amid the silence.

“My family’s business and dealing with the Lynds.”

“And how are the Lynds now?”

“Awaiting trial. The evidence against them is solid, and more than half of them will be implicated.”

“John’s really savage!” Patrick exclaimed in awe.

“Or what, are we supposed to lie down and wait for the Lynds to walk all over us?” Sean snapped, a
little upset about Patrick’s comment. “Our family owes him as much as I owe you-the Lynds were just
waiting to take us down, and they’re the reason my grandfather is comatose. They got what they

Patrick had the feeling that Sean was scolding him just for being casually impressed by John.

Still, it occurred to him that the Lynds were supposed to be John’s in-laws despite what happened.

And from a certain point of view, his personal gain was also involved when John took down the Stuarts
years ago, which was why he should be grateful.

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