Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1119

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Patrick could understand the reasoning but hearing it from Sean upset him anyway.

He did save Sean’s life, so did Sean have to treat him like this?

Was he saying that saving Sean’s life was less than John’s achievement in destroying the Lynds?

Patrick got further upset the more he thought about it, but he never said it out loud.

Sean, however, seemed to notice that Patrick was moody anyway, and he softened his tone. ’I admire
John as a great man. I would have liked him to work for me ever since he took down your cousins,
though that’s impossible now after all that’s happened.”

Patrick remained silent.

Yes, John was extraordinary, but was it not a little too cold to tell a rival that in the face?!

Fortunately, the servants arrived with lunch and left it on the table of the veranda.

“How about eating out here? The air is good,’ Sean asked Patrick.

’You already asked your servant to bring it out, and you’re asking me now? Pointless, isn’t it?’

Sean smiled, but he did not deny it.

Both men sat at the table and started eating.

The breeze that gently brushed against their faces was more than a little relaxing.

However, Patrick suddenly yelped halfway through. ’Oh!”

‘What’s wrong?” Sean asked worriedly.

‘What about Cordy and Dicky?1′ Patrick asked, feeling very guilty just then.

Sean was speechless—and here he thought he was choking!

Still, he said, “Cordy has work to do, but she’ll come downstairs to eat once she’s done, and I had the
servants save her something. As for Dicky, he’s having lunch with John at the hospital.’

“Oh.” Patrick nodded, realizing that he had made a fuss over nothing.

Still, he soon remembered something else. ’So, Sean.”


’I was wondering if I should formally propose to Cordy.’

Patrick was scowling harder the more he listened. He asked miserably, “So, how many days is that?”

‘One week, more or less.” ’That means I won’t see you for one week?” ’We can keep in touch through
video calls.”

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