Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1121

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Cordy coolly replied, "There are some things to attend to."

She was wondering just then if she should ask Sean to send Richard home, worried that her son would
be uncomfortable being alone at the capital.

Still, she soon remembered that she would be going back once she settled matters in North City
anyway.She was relieved, since she did not want Richard to keep running back and forth.

"Should I get Dicky—"


Cordy cut John short before he could finish.

John pursed his lips in turn—he could actually feel how distant she was toward him.

Still, he stayed silent and reclined against his huge, comfortable seat with his back toward her, staying
away from her and pretending to sleep.

Cordy ignored him and calmly read her magazine.

The flight was a quiet one, and John kept sleeping without moving an inch or responding when the
flight attendant arrived to ask for their orders.

Cordy thought he really was sound asleep then, if it was not for the airplane suddenly lurching.

Cries of shock shattered the quietness within an instant, and everyone was afraid, especially with the
recently increasing numbers of aviation incidents.

Cordy had been calm at first, but the woman sitting nearby was shrieking hysterically through tears,
"No, I don't want to die! My boyfriend is waiting for me! I'm the only daughter of my family! Please..."

A flight attendant hurried to her, saying, "It's going to be alright, miss.The plane is just encountering
some turbulence, it's perfectly normal—Argh!"

Before she could finish, the aircraft lurched violently again, sending everyone into a panic once more.

And to make things worse than before, everyone suddenly felt like they were floating as the airplane
seemed to lose weight and looked ready to dip! It lasted for seconds, and even the passengers who
could stay calm before were starting to panic, even though the flight crew kept trying to assure them.

Cordy was no exception as she turned pale in an instant, her heart pounding violently as she
remembered Richard.

If anything were to happen to her...

The plane lurched again, breaking her this time.


She could not stop herself from crying, even as she clenched on the hand of the person sitting beside
her without knowing it.

John pursed his lips, but he would be lying if he said that he was not afraid.

However, he did not fear death—he had experienced the same fear too many times to hope for
anything, and his fate did not matter much to him.

What he feared, however, was Cordy dying, and she was now clearly stricken with panic.

Her palm was covered with sweat and her face frighteningly pale.

He squeezed her hand in turn, offering her comfort.


Nonetheless, the plane kept lurching endlessly, and there was a chorus of screams on each occasion.

The turbulence lasted for over ten minutes until the flight finally turned steady.

Though the flight crew was constantly offering comfort and reasoning, the passengers were all still
traumatized, their hearts strung up and probably staying that way before they landed.

Even if Cordy was not bawling like the woman nearby, her whole body remained stiff.

And judging from the way she was still gripping John’s hand, she was definitely still afraid.

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