Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1125

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Zoe kept staring fixedly even as Jay stepped out of the shower, convinced that something was weird
with him.

Jay felt the creeps from her stare, but there was no question that he was bad at lying, and it would
have been better if he had stayed quiet.

To stop Zoe interrogating him,he quickly said, “I ran into Cordy yesterday. She just returned to town.”

“What?!” Zoe exclaimed in surprise, distracted in an instant.

“Didn’t she contact you?” Jay exclaimed in surprise.

At the same time, he prayed that Cordy would not skin him for this since he had no other choice.

“That woman!” Zoe was fuming in turn—Cordy rarely returned, but she never said a word, let alone
contacted Zoe!

Was she not Cordy’s best friend?!

Huffing, she whipped out her phone and called Cordy, while Jay heaved a deep sigh of relief from the
close shave.

“I just heard from Jay that you came back?” Zoe asked the instant Cordy answered.

Cordy happened to be in her own office, working overtime- she had stayed at the long and returned to
find a ton of work waiting to be done.

Picking up her cup of black coffee and taking a sip, she walked up to the glass wall to take in the bright
lights of North City in the night while answering Zoe, “I’m busy.

There’s a lot to do at work.”

“Is that supposed to be an excuse?”

“Nope.” Cordy gave in right away-it was her fault for not contacting Zoe when she was coming back.

“Are you free tomorrow?” Zoe asked.

Cordy rubbed her temples instead of answering right away.

“We can meet in the evening. It won’t impose on your work,” Zoe eventually huffed, though she did not
want to bother Cordy at work either, since she knew very well how much of a workaholic Cordy was.


“Is Patrick with you?”

“No. He’s still in the capital.”

“Isn’t he worried, letting you come back alone?”

“He’s not, is he?” Cordy replied without elaborating.

She did not want to bring her troubles in the capital to North City either or make Zoe worry about her.

“Alright, it’s just us three again in the evening. I’ll call Quinn.”

“Okay.” Cordy agreed to it immediately, though she quickly added, “Less alcohol in the evening, too.”

“I know, I know. I’ll make the arrangements,” Zoe said impatiently.

Cordy smiled begrudgingly in turn, since it would be impossible if they did not start drinking when they
met Zoe.

Still, she had to admit that drinking Zoe was really fun.

Taking a deep breath, she returned to her seat and started working.

Early next morning, Zoe opened her eyes and found Jay already gone.

What on earth was he doing?

How long had it been since they got married? And he was sick of her already?!

Zoe was unusually grouchy and a little distracted when she met Cordy and Quinn in the evening.

“What’s wrong?” Cordy could tell immediately she was not in a good mood, since Zoe would always be
the life of the party.

On the other hand, Zoe was moody and gloomy.

“Not having a fight with Jay, are we?” Quinn teased, clearly catching on that too.

“What fight?” Zoe said languidly. “I just find him acting weird lately.”

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