Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1131

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Jay actually did not see Zoe at that instant, nor did Zoe get a good look at him when she saw a large
group of doctors in lab coats rushing into a ward.

Moments after, a man was wheeled out on a stretcher so quickly that Zoe did not have a good look who
it was.

All she saw was Jay wheeling himself so quickly to follow them that he almost flipped his wheelchair.

Zoe gritted her teeth and followed.

While the medical staff hurried into the emergency room, Jay waited outside worriedly, and the hallway
soon became silent again.

“Jay.” Zoe could not help calling out to him just then, and he seemed to jump.

He was too focused to notice anything else, and the suddenness registered in his reaction.

He turned to find Zoe standing there and appeared even more surprised, not knowing why Zoe showed
up there.

As for Zoe, she could tell immediately from his reaction that he never noticed her from the start.

Who on earth could he be so worried about?

And judging from the figure, it was definitely no woman.

So… Who else would he care so much for?

“What are you doing here?” Jay blurted out just then.

“Shouldn’t I be asking you that?” Zoe asked through gritted teeth. “You’ve been out early and coming
home late often and being vague whenever I asked why. How long would you have kept this from me if
I never followed you here?”

Jay was dumbstruck-he never was good at lying and even more speechless now that he was so

“So? Who is that in there?” Zoe pressed.

Jay stayed silent, since he had promised John not to tell — and now he understood why.

It would definitely cause trouble if Jay spilled the beans, since the invasive reconstructive surgery John
took up might end up making him look worse.

He probably did not want his loved ones to hope, only to be let down.

Still, since Jay was not answering, Zoe started guessing. “Is it Bob?”

Jay appeared taken aback, and taking that as a no, Zoe moved on to the next suspect. “Sam

After all, those two were his only close friends, and who else would Jay care so much about?

“Maybe you should stop jinxing others,” Jay said then, since Zoe’s hunches left him speechless and
suddenly concerned that she would list everyone who mattered to him.

“Then who is it?” Zoe asked very seriously.

“I promised him not to tell, but…” Jay trailed off for a moment as his tone changed sharply. “You can
wait until they bring him out.”

“So you’re just going to leave me hanging?” Zoe was huffing, wondering which man could make Jay
say something like that!

“My hands are tied here.” Jay gave her a helpless look.

Zoe gritted her teeth, but she knew Jay-he would be mentally burdened if he had to break his promise.

So, she had to wait and see who the devil it was!

As the hallway turned silent again, Zoe remained completely calm, while Jay was restless-visibly
worried that the man would die on the operating table.

They waited for over an hour until the doors of the operating room opened, and Jay quickly wheeled
himself over.

Zoe never noticed before that he could be that slick with his wheelchair!

Still, she followed him and heard the doctor say, “The patient is fine. It’s just a slight infection on the
face where he had surgery, and we’ve already disinfected it so there won’t be any issue. However, it is
a cause for worry, and we need to keep him in a clean room before he fully recovers just in case.”

Jay heaved a huge sigh of relief at the doctor’s words.

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