Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1127

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Cordy ended up staying in North City for over a month- there was too much for her to do to return to the
capital for good, and she could only stay in touch with Patrick over the phone.

He was complaining about that every day, and she had no choice but to make time and return on short

Patrick was more or less fully recovered and could walk slowly off the wheelchair.

He was making a fuss about returning to Rocktown since Cordy was not around the capital.

Not wanting to make things difficult for Patrick and make him wait for her at the capital, Cordy decided
to go with him to Rocktown and meet his parents as well.

After all, Patrick had always been hovering around her, and she never actually did anything for him.

However, on the way to the airport, she received a call for Zoe, who was on the verge of tears. “Cordy,
Jay doesn’t love me anymore, does he?! It’s rare for both of us to be jobless, but he’s always been
leaving early and coming home late recently, and he keeps sighing! I’ve been waiting for so long, but
there’s no surprise from him at all!”

It was not easy for her to finally open her heart to Jay, only to realize that Jay might be cheating on her.

She did not dare imagine what would happen if Jay really cheated on her.

It would have been fine if she never had him-now that she had him, she could not bear to give up just
like that.

“Maybe… there’s some other issue?” Cordy suggested.

She was not that good with lying, though she was perplexed as well—what on earth could John and
Jay be up to?

Judging from Zoe’s tone, Jay never told her that John was still alive even after so long!

“Well, what can’t he tell me?!” Zoe was hysterical. “It’s the same thing this morning-he got a call and
sprang out of bed like some opossum that was playing dead!”

Cordy was speechless-why was that comparison so hilarious, especially in this situation?!

On the other hand, the more Zoe spoke, the more she sounded fearful. “You know he’s always he left
on his wheelchair immediately even without washing up! What on earth is happening with him?!”

Somehow, it did not look like he was cheating either-it was more like it was something very important!

Cordy did not want to keep hiding it from Zoe either, but she would still refrain from spilling the beans
out of respect for Jay and John. “Well, how about this? If you’re still concerned, you can tail Jay and
find out what he’s up to.”

“Is that really alright?” Zoe asked, though she was obviously excited at that point.

“What’s bad about that? If he finds out, just tell him that you’re worried-don’t worry, he loves you too
much to get mad at you.”

“Well… I can give it a try.”

“You have my full support.” Cordy smiled faintly.

“By the way, are you going back to the capital today?” Zoe appeared a little upset.

Even if they were not seeing each other every day, she felt like Cordy was with her if she stayed in
North City and far away if she left.

“I’m just going to the capital to get Patrick and travel to Rocktown with him. It’s just a few days before I
come back,” Cordy told Zoe about her travel arrangements.

“It feels like you’re going to see your wife or something,” Zoe teased. “And the man’s skin is a little on
the fair side.”

Cordy did not argue, since Patrick’s fair skin and mannerisms did give the impression that he was a
little too soft.

“So, when’s the wedding?” Zoe asked.

“We’ll see.” Cordy did not seem to dislike the idea of marrying. “I’ll consider it once Patrick has fully

“Remember to tell me ahead of time.”

“Now that you’re mentioned it, aren’t you going to have a wedding with Jay?” Cordy asked casually.

“Jay never mentioned anything about that,” Zoe replied, a little disappointed just then.

“You could just ask.”

“How could I ask something like that?” Zoe moaned, embarrassed for once.

Hearing Cordy giggle in amusement, she snapped, “You’re laughing at me?! I can get hurt too, y’know.”

“No way. Anyway, I just reached the airport. Let’s talk later.”

“I’ll tell you once I’m back.”


Cordy put away her phone and quickly alighted before checking in and boarding the plane’s first-class
cabin. She arrived at the capital after over an hour.

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