Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1123

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Cordy said nothing, since Jay would understand everything once he met John.

She started to leave, while Jay asked in surprise, “Aren’t you going to wait, Cordy?”

Cordy frowned, so he quickly said, “It’s just waiting to see if it’s Johnny. I know there’s a huge chance
that it’s a con, but-

“No,” Cordy said flatly and left without so much as a look behind.

Jay found Cordy’s reaction peculiar somehow. Was she really doubtful, or…

Nonetheless, his heart was racing-he had been restless ever since John called him, and he was
actually afraid to tell Zoe in fear that she would get more agitated than him.

Hence, he stayed in his wheelchair and watched as the crowd moved around, never catching a glimpse
of John.

However, just as he was going to presume that he had been tricked, he suddenly glimpsed a familiar

It was just one glimpse, and his very blood was excited.

Was that really John?

That presence was remarkably familiar, even with that face mask and cap…

However, Jay remained calm and did not approach the man to confirm it immediately, since there were
plenty of people who looked

That was exactly the case with that model named Lucas Lynch, who bore a striking resemblance to
John, only to turn out to be a completely different person.

Jay inhaled softly to calm himself, and slowly watched as the man walked up to his wheelchair.

He could imagine the man smiling even without seeing his face.

“Uncle Jay.”

Uncle Jay.

So it really was John.

That voice and presence was so similar it could not have been anyone else!

And despite being a grown man, Jay felt his tears welling in his eyes.

He never dared hope for John to be still alive, but John somehow appeared before him!

He never asked what happened to John over the years or why he only made contact now, only saying,
“Welcome home, Johnny.”

John’s lips curled into a smile.

Yes-he still had a home.

As John got in Jay’s car, he had no idea what to say, despite being relatives and blood being thicker
than water and all.

As for Jay, he had plenty of questions, only to stay silent in the end.

Jay had the feeling that John would tell him anything he wanted to, and would not if he did not-there
was no need to push John.

Nonetheless, he spoke first, asking, “Levine Manor, or…?”

He should at least find out where they were heading, after all.

“Take me to a hotel. Not the manor for now,” John said bluntly.

“That’s going to be inconvenient eventually. You could stay with me if you don’t want to stay at Levine
Manor, and Zoe is there too…”

“No,” John shook his head. “And don’t tell Zoe that I’m alive either.”

Jay nodded, having learned as a child that John always planned ahead and would have his own
considerations in the choices he made.

Still, he pursed his lips and eventually could not help asking,” Should I hide it from Cordy too?”

John smiled faintly. “Yeah.”

It did not matter now anyway.

Jay then added, “Also, she has a boyfriend now…”

“I know,” John replied.

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