Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1128

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She was used to having Sean receive her at the airport, but she was a little disappointed that she did
not see Patrick.

“Where’s Patrick?” she asked in the car.

Richard had returned to North City for a while now, and she did not bring him along this time.

He had his classes too, and she did not want to make him skip too many classes even if prodigies like
him did not care much about normal schooling knowledge.

“He’s home, but he hasn’t fully recovered. I didn’t let him come along since it would be taxing,
especially since he has to travel early tomorrow,” Sean explained.

“You’ve really taken good care of him for me, haven’t you?” Cordy joked.

Sean was suddenly nervous as he explained, “W-Well, that’s because he’s your boyfriend, y’know?”

Cordy did a double take-she was just making an offhand joke, so why was Sean suddenly so nervous
as if she had read his mind?

However, Sean soon recovered despite Cordy’s stare. “And he saved my life, didn’t he?”

“I guess.” Cordy smiled pointedly.

Sean ignored her and turned aside, which only made Cordy further convinced that Sean was acting

It was only when they arrived at Cranston Hall that she realized what Sean was hiding.

It turns out that Sean was just helping Patrick hide a surprise, and she realized that her thinking had
been getting a little polluted.

As they entered Cranston Hall, Cordy’s heart was racing as red petals were carpeting a little path.

She turned in surprise toward Sean, who gestured for her to go in.

She strode along the petal path into the courtyard.

There was a gentle breeze ruffling her hair under the bright summer sun, and the rustling trees painted
a beautiful scene.

She eventually stopped at a pool of petals forming a heart shape, where she found Patrick standing
nearby, dressed in a white tuxedo and holding a huge bouquet of flowers.

His hair was flowing a little from the spring’s breeze, and he appeared bright and handsome under the
sun’s brightness.

For an instant, Cordy really thought she was looking at the prince on a white horse from a fairytale.

He slowly walked up to her and dropped to one knee, put the bouquet beside him, and opened the
exquisite velvet box he was holding, taking out the dazzling ring that sparkled brightly under the sun.

It was as beautiful as a dream.

Then, Patrick said, “Will you marry me, Cordy?”

His eyes were glowing with sentiment, and for an instant, she thought the love in his eyes was brighter
and more unbreakable than the diamond ring he was holding.

There was no way she could reject him, not to mention that she had considered marrying him from the

And since he came up with such an exquisite proposal, how could she disappoint him?

She nodded and said, “Yes.”

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