Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1132

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Jay then asked, “Well, can I visit him?’ “I wouldn’t encourage it—he should avoid unnecessary contact
for the time being. Moreover, we will move him directly to the clean room,” the doctor said.

“Alright. How long would he be staying in the clean room?”

“Around three to five days. He can leave once his surgical wounds heal enough.”

“Is this going to be the last surgery?”

“In terms of major ones, yes. Now, it depends on the patient’s acceptance of his new face, though that
requires delicacy,” the doctor explained.

“Thank you doctor.” Jay was awash with gratitude.

“It’s our responsibility,” the doctor said before sending them off.

Zoe reluctantly followed Jay.

It took her so much to muster her courage to come all the way here, but she never found out who Jay
came to visit every day!

She was still sulking in the car from frustration, utterly upset.

Jay began, “Zoe…”

“Don’t talk to me!” she snapped.

Jay pursed his lips but tried to assure her nonetheless.” You’d be surprised to see him.”

“But I didn’t get to see him! Who on earth would my own husband worry so much for?!”

Jay flashed a begrudging smile. “You’ll know when the time comes.”


“Didn’t the doctor say three to five days?”

Zoe was speechless.

Waiting that long would only kill her.

Still, she did not actually harass him since she did not actually want him to be sad.

Three days later, Jay received a call from the hospital that John could leave the clean room, and he
quickly prepared to leave for the hospital.

Zoe watched as he hurried off, and it was not until he reached the door that he remembered her and
quickly turned around. “Are you coming?”

Zoe rolled her eyes, but she went with him to the hospital anyway.

They headed straight to the WIP ward, though Jay paused at the doorway.

As Zoe frowned at him, he asked, “Have you prepared yourself?”

Zoe was nonchalant. “Do I have to? I’m not going to see a ghost or something, am I?!”

Jay chuckled and led her inside without delay.

John was reclining against his bed, and his appearance had recovered enough to match his original

It was still a little unusual with the swelling and facial scars, but those who were familiar with him would
be able to identify him immediately, which was why Zoe flinched the instant she saw John and could
not help wobbling backward.

Jay caught her thanks to his quick reflexes, though Zoe’s eyes were popping out even as she stared
fixedly at John.

What the hell?!

It really was a ghost!

What was John Levine doing here? He should be dead!

She pointed a trembling finger at him, and it took her a long while to stammer, “J-John?!”

John smiled faintly in turn-it was the best he could do with the terrible swelling all over his face.

“Yeah,” he said nonetheless.

Zoe dropped straight on Jay’s lap right then and cried out in agitation, “Are you sure you’re not Lucas

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