Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1137

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Richard called out to him in surprise. “Daddy?!”

On the other hand, Cordy turned away in a split second.

John did the same. “Yeah.”

“When did you come back?” Richard asked excitedly.

John headed downstairs and walked up to them “Just did.”

“Where have you been? Why didn’t you contact me? Your replies were half-hearted, too,” Richard
huffed, clearly upset. “I thought you’d gone missing again.”

“I had something to do.”

“Your face is back now,” Richard pointed out in surprise just then.

He was busy complaining about John being distant to him and only noticed just then that John’s face
was much better.

There were no burn marks to be seen, and most importantly, John’s original appearance was restored,
and he no longer looked like Lucas Lynch.

“Yeah,” John replied again, and glanced at Cordy.

Her eyes were glued to her phone and she was not looking at him again. He actually had the feeling
that she did not get a good look at him when they traded glances for a second.

“Are you leaving later, Daddy?” Richard asked eagerly.


“Will you be staying in North City from now on?”


“Then I’m staying here too,” Richard quickly said.

“Okay.” John nodded.

With that, father and son kept chatting, while Cordy never said a word or looked up throughout until
Nancy emerged from the kitchen at the back. “Oh, you’re up already, Johnny? I called Cordy and Dicky,
since I miss them and it’s been a while, and you happen to be here too. Don’t you miss Daddy too,

“Yeah.” Richard nodded repeatedly.

“Of course. Now come, let’s have lunch together,” Nancy quickly beckoned.

As everyone sat down at the dining table, Richard asked as a matter of courtesy, “Isn’t Aunt Cora
coming home?”

“She can’t make it since she’s working,” Nancy replied and cheerfully put more food on Richard’s plate.
“Eat more, Dicky -you’re going through puberty, so you have to make sure you have enough nutrients.”

“Thank you, Grandaunt,” Richard said politely.

Nancy did the same for John after Richard. “It’s been years since you’re home, Johnny. Are you used
to the food here? You’ve really lost weight too.”

“Yeah, it’s fine,” John replied, before adding, “I’m fine on my own.”

“Okay,” Nancy said and started serving Cordy as well.

“Thank you, but I’m fine on my own,” Cordy quickly said.

“Why don’t you move back here with Dicky? Johnny’s back, and it’s high time your family reunited,”
Nancy said as if it was only natural.

Cordy pursed her lips.

When Cordy received Nancy’s call to bring Richard home today on the pretext of her missing Richard,
Cordy presumed to be just that.

Now, however, she finally understood what Nancy was plotting, and said nonchalantly, “Dicky is now
eleven. He can choose where he wants to live, and I’ll respect his decision.”

Hearing that, Richard turned toward her and asked, “What about you, Mommy?”

Cordy smiled. “I’ll live in my own house, of course.”

Richard hung his head in clear disappointment.

“Cordy, Levine Manor is large enough, so you can just move in,” Nancy said enthusiastically
nonetheless. “The more the merrier, and since you haven’t married Johnny before, we could-“

“I’m marrying Patrick Stuart,” Cordy said bluntly, cutting her short. “There’s no connection between
myself and John, so we can’t live together.”

John pursed his lips in silence.

Nancy said anxiously, “Johnny can’t come back because of unexpected circumstances. Now that he’s
back, your family can be reunited, so how could you-“

“Aunt Nancy, stop,” John said, cutting Nancy short.

He understood that Nancy was being kind, but he did not want Cordy to be put in a difficult situation.

Cordy looked up at John and slowly said, “I’m really getting married.”

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