Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1136

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Cora certainly wanted to argue. “But, I…1

John, however, remained stern and solemn. “You have much to complain about, and you feel that Zoe
has stolen your rights and identity-but in reality, Zoe was the one who was hurt the most when the truth
came out, and the reason is simple: rags to riches is easy, but the converse is hard.”

“You need to understand—I’m not telling you that you’re not the victim, but Zoe was never the culprit.
She was sent back to where she belonged after being thrown out of this house so mercilessly, and
neither of you have any excuse to vent your grievances on her.”

The atmosphere in the living room was stiffened.

Still, Nancy was indignant to see that her daughter was left blushing by John’s words, and she growled
through gritted teeth, “Weren’t you on my side when we first found out that Zoe wasn’t my daughter?
You’re now completely on her side just because she’s with Jay now-“

“It was a selfish act on my part,” John said, holding her gaze without flinching. “When we discovered
the truth, I could be understanding since you probably couldn’t take the blow, and I abandoned Zoe just
then. But after so many years, I presume you would’ve calmed down, seen the truth of the matter, and
gone about it rationally. In that sense, you disappoint me.”

While John’s words left Nancy dumbstruck, he continued,” Naturally, I’d never demand that you accept
Zoe or tell you to give up on all your obstinance. But why don’t you think about it long and hard now-
was Zoe at fault in this at all?”

Nancy remained silent, while Cora was afraid to speak, so John did not press the issue. “I’m tired. I’ll
get some rest in my room.”

“I’ve been keeping it the way it was,” Nancy quickly said.

Whatever John would say, she still considered him family.

John was certainly aware how Nancy felt about him, but kinship was no excuse to ignore conscience or
moral codes.

And most importantly, he wanted the family to be whole again too

Still, Nancy was tagging along as John returned

“Johnny.” Nancy suddenly asked, ” Did you know that Cordy has a boyfriend…?”

“I know,” John replied. “I know everything you do.”

“I’m just worried… Well, alright. You get some rest—1’11 leave you to it.”


As Nancy gently closed the door and left, John lay in his huge bed.

In reality, he was not as cold as he appeared to be, and he wondered if Cordy would really marry
Patrick just like that!

It was noon when John woke up.

He did not really sleep, since he merely stayed in bed to think about what he was supposed to do next.

His family had been falling to decline since his departure- he had to rally them in dedication to his late
grandfather’s memory.

He got out of bed and headed downstairs, stopping halfway when he saw Cordy and Richard on the
couch, while Nancy and Cora were strangely absent.

Cordy, who was looking at her phone, felt his gaze and looked up in reflex.

Their eyes met just like that, out of the blue.

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