Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1141

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Jay stopped her right then, “Zoe.

Zoe sighed heavily but snapped in disappointment at John regardless, “Now you’ll be forever alone!”

And with that, she stormed off.

John finally turned away from the laptop screen, whipping out a cigarette, thinking about it and asked,
“Can I?”

“Do it on the balcony,” Jay said. “Yelena doesn’t like the smell of tobacco whenever she’s home.”

John nodded and headed there, and Jay went with him.

The sun was just right today, but Jay had the feeling that even a warmer sun would not melt the
coldness in John’s heart.

“Why don’t you do something?” he asked eventually. “There won’t be a chance only if you don’t fight for
it, but there will be if you do.”

“It won’t work,” John said, breathing out a puff of smoke.” No one can change Cordy’s mind once she’s
made her decision.”

John nodded, since he knew that much about Cordy.

News about Cordy’s wedding started circulating in two months, and their wedding photos were posted
online soon after.

There were countless comments.

[Gosh! Cordy Sachs is so beautiful! I’m a woman, but I’m smitten too!]

[She would bewitch both men and women!]

[Patrick Stuart is looking good too. I never understood his charm before, but he looks marvelous now
that he’s with Cordy!]

[They are a match made in heaven! I’m looking forward to their grand wedding!]

At the offices of Levine Ventures, Randy Martin strode out of his boss’s office.

The man was working overtime even though it was already long past 10 PM, not to mention that he had
worked overnight yesterday.

It hurt Randy to see it.

Just a month ago, John returned and re-established Levine Ventures, giving him a call to re-recruit him.

He almost burst into tears when he heard the man’s voice, since he was always convinced of John’s

He thought it was just some con, but finally believed him when he saw the man in the flesh.

Soon after, he started working with the man to rebuild everything, knowing what he was capable of.

In under a month, the company was on the right track thanks to him working overtime endlessly, but
that also meant he lost the missus.

“You haven’t had dinner, Mr. Levine,” Randy reminded him then.

“Yeah,” John replied, otherwise not reacting much.

Randy had to brace himself and add, “That means it’s time you stop working, sir. I’m worried you’ll kill
yourself from overwork if you keep this up.”

John frowned, and it actually took him a moment to realize what Randy was talking about.

He rubbed his aching temples, chuckling, “I won’t die so easily.”

If he did, he would have died on more than one occasion.

And he was alive and well now, no?

The world was inevitably kind to him.

Nonetheless, Randy added resolutely, “You did not sleep last night and took only an hour’s nap this
morning-it’s already past ten now. You can finish up tomorrow anyway- allow me to send you home,

John glanced at the tasks he had on his computer in turn.

In reality, all the pressing tasks had been completed, and the rest could wait until tomorrow… or even
the day after.

He just wanted the distraction.

“Yeah. It’s time.” John nodded-he could not keep running away anyway.

“Oh, there’s something else,” Randy said as he suddenly remembered something.


“There’s an invitation for you.” Randy handed him an envelope respectfully.

He actually got it in the morning but did not give it to John since he had been busy throughout.

“Who sent it?”

“The Stuarts from Rocktown.” John’s fingers stiffened.

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