Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1144

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He loved her to the core.

Could he watch her throw herself into another man's arms? John did not want to talk much with Zoe.

"Are you going or not?"

"Are you leaving?"

Zoe appeared disappointed.

"I have something else to do."

"Have some wine."

Zoe grabbed his clothes and refused to let go.

"Let's have a drink since you're here!"

John glared at Zoe.

"It's been a long time since we last had a drink.You finally came back alive.Just do me the favor."

Zoe picked up a glass of wine and shoved it into John's hands.

John's face turned gloomy.

"Just sit for a while if you're free," Cordy chimed in.

"After all, we'll go back in a while because we need to wake up early tomorrow."

John's heart wavered.

He pursed his lips and answered, "Hmm."


Zoe was full of scorn.

"It's useless no matter how much I say.Just one word from Cordy is enough to persuade you!"

"Isn't that what you wish for?" Quinn inevitably criticized her.

Zoe thought for a while.

"That seems to be the case."

After that, she became overjoyed.

"Come.Let’s drink and celebrate Cordy's last night of being single!"

Three people lifted their glasses.

"Hurry up,"

Zoe urged John.

Hence, John had no choice but to lift his glass.He did not want to celebrate her last night of being
single at all.But...He raised the glass and drank with them.

Though Zoe promised to just stay for a while, she was quite excited and wanted to go after getting

In short, the party would not end if the other two people did not get drunk since it was Zoe's place.

John knew that Cordy had to wake up early the next morning, so it would be very uncomfortable if she
got drunk and had a hangover.

However, he could not stop Zoe's great enthusiasm for drinking, so he took the initiative to drink with

While drinking, Zoe could not continue anymore.

She roared at John, "You vented your resentment on me.I feel like vomiting from drinking with you.Go
and drink with Cordy if you dare.Don't always drink with me.Aren't you afraid of retribution if you get
your aunt drunk? I have to wake up early tomorrow morning and be a beautiful bridesmaid!"

"You know that you have to wake up early tomorrow morning.Isn't it the same for Cordy? She has to be
the bride! " John exclaimed grumpily.

"John, are you trying to protect Cordy?"

"Do you want to drink? If not, let's go home."John ignored her.

"John, aren't you dumb? If you get Cordy drunk tonight and she can't wake up, there won't be a
wedding tomorrow..."


John interrupted Zoe, forcing her to drink with him.

On the other hand, Zoe was not the kind of person who would refuse to drink.

Hence, she had another glass of wine with John.

After that, she could not take it anymore and hurriedly ran to the washroom.

Quinn noticed that Zoe was very ill at ease, so she hurriedly ran after Zoe.

She could also leave some space for John and Cordy.

After they left, it became slightly awkward.

Cordy did not drink much, with John and Zoe being the ones who were drinking.

John could drink a lot, but he could not take it when Zoe wanted to drink so enthusiastically.

At that moment, he was slightly drunk and felt a slight discomfort in his stomach.

In the silence, Cordy got up out of the blue.

With that, John put away the things he wanted to say.

Cordy was still bothered by his arrival very much, but she just behaved out of cordiality.He rubbed his
sick belly and sent Jay a message, asking him to come and pick Zoe up.

Zoe could not drink anymore, and it would be out of the line if she continued drinking.

After he sent the message and was about to get up, someone handed him a glass of warm water all of
a sudden.

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