Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1146

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Quinn did purposely leave them some time to be with each other because she felt that John might want
to say something to Cordy.

However, it was beyond her expectation that they would go straight to that.

Should she go out now or stay in the washroom? At first, Zoe was quite drunk.

At that moment, she seemed to have become sober.

She watched their romance excitedly.

Besides, she rather enjoyed it.

Could she watch that for free? It was a pity that they did not become actors and shoot films.

She was still trying to figure out if they should keep on watching if John and Cordy decided to go all

Feeling anxious, they were full of complicated feelings.

The two people on the sofa were entangled even more.

John's lips left her tender lips before he started kissing her neck.

He put his hot, large palm under her clothes...

Suddenly, his body stiffened when he tried to unhook her bra.

He seemed to have woken up from being splashed with icy water when he saw the tears at the corner
of her eyes as well as the hatred and despair in her gaze.

She bit her lips hard, but she did not scream.

The hatred in her eyes could ruin his soul—it was telling him how despicable and vulgar he was now.

He was an eyesore to her.

As a result, he abruptly moved away from her body as if he had become sober all of a sudden, and he
seemed to have regained his wits.

Why did he do that just now? Why did he force her so? After he calmed down, he could recall how he
had forced himself on her just now.

Currently, he did not even know why he lost control of himself.

Why did he...

He was about to speak when someone opened the door of the private room.

Jay had come to pick Zoe up.

He knew that Zoe would be self-indulgent tonight, so he had been waiting at home all this while without
going to bed.

When he received John's message, he quickly rushed over.

After he opened the door, he saw the two figures who were entangled on the sofa, which shocked him

He instinctively wanted to close the door, but in his rush to leave, he nearly turned his wheelchair over.

John pushed Cordy’s body down hard under his body at that moment.

He blocked her messy clothes and her intimates that were slightly exposed.

"Are you done?" Cordy asked him.

Excruciating pain engulfed him.

He did not even dare to look into her eyes now but he forced himself to do so.He knew how much she
hated her now.So, he said, "I'm sorry."

"Step aside if you're done."

It was hard for her to be so calm.

She remained composed as if she felt nothing.

Her tears ran down uncontrollably, and it was hard to look away from her.

John got up from Cordy's body, while she also got up from the sofa.

Her clothes were in disarray, but she silently smoothed them.

John opened his mouth to say something but he could not bring himself to say anything.

It was useless regardless of what he said now, and she must hate him to the core now.

He did not know why he behaved so.

Was it because of the alcohol, or did he covet that vehemently? "Why don't you slap me?"

Finally, John spoke up.

Cordy had done smoothing her clothes, and she was holding back her tears.

She stated, "That's unnecessary.It happens to help me get rid of all the feelings I have for you!"

John pursed his lips tightly in deep grief.

Cordy claimed that she still felt something for him, but now all was ruined...

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