Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1145

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John was stunned, struck dumb on the spot and not accepting the glass of water for a long time.

Cordy originally thought that it was a very normal action.

It was her bachelorette party that night, and since John was there to drink with them, she should treat
him politely.

However, John's current action made her feel a bit awkward.

She was about to put it down and go to ask Zoe and Quinn to leave when John accepted it.

"Thank you."

"You're welcome."

John extended his hand to accept the glass of water, and surprisingly, he touched Cordy's hand by

Cordy behaved naturally and let go of the glass.

On the other hand, John retrieved his hand as if he was frightened.

The two of them let go of the glass at the same time, and all the water in the glass splashed on John's

Clang! The glass fell to the floor and was smashed into pieces, and they were struck dumb for half a

"Are you okay? Are you burned?"

Cordy naturally took out a napkin to wipe his pants for him.

John swallowed vigorously and agitatedly, seemingly trying his best to hold himself back.

After wiping for a while, Cordy realized something amiss.

Most of the part that was drenched was around the crotch of his pants...She thus immediately retrieved
her hand, but John grabbed her hand fiercely.

Cordy knitted her brows and looked at John.She noticed that his eyes seemed to have turned red.

Moreover, his breathing was hot, and his whole body was burning.

She knew that John had drunk a bit much tonight, so she thought they should end the party earlier, but
she never thought that John would lose control of himself after getting drunk.She moved her hand
slightly, trying to break free of his grasp.

He then abruptly yanked her into his arms.


Before she could finish speaking, his burning lips were stamped hard on her lips.He put away all the
words she wanted to say.


Cordy struggled.

Unexpectedly, John would suddenly lose control of himself.

Was he this drunk, or was he trying to push his luck by using his drunkenness? She twisted
ceaselessly, but he hugged her tighter.

He then pushed her onto the sofa to stop her from struggling.

Cordy could not resist under John's body given how petite she was.

Besides, he exerted himself more the more she resisted and struggled underneath his body.

His tenseness and recklessness were so obvious.

John kissed her wildly and fervently.She had never seen him behave so crazy before.

She opened her mouth, but he invaded her privacy even more, so she bit hard on his lips, and a tinge
of blood lingered between their lips.

However, he did not want to retreat at all, with his kisses becoming even more passionate.

Cordy could not resist him at all.

Consequently, the grievances and unspeakable sadness in her heart made her cry profusely.

She generally would not cry so easily.

She would suffer in silence regardless of how great an issue she faced and ask herself to stay strong.

It was hard for her to reach her current state and stay alive like this after all these years.

At that moment, she did not know why she felt so aggrieved, as if she had suffered a great grievance.

John's kisses turned from rude to gentle now because he seemed to have felt her compromise.

He kissed her tenderly as if she was a great treasure.

Both Zoe and Quinn were shuddering in the washroom of the private room.

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