Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1147

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After Cordy smoothed her clothes, she got up to leave.

’Cordy.” Zoe could not hold herself back anymore, so she ran out of the washroom.

She staggered, so she nearly threw herself on Cordy and made Cordy fall.

‘ Are you going?” Zoe hugged Cordy and refused to let go.

“Hmm, I have to wake up early tomorrow. You guys should go home early.”

‘ Let me give you a ride home.”

’Look at you. You’d better take care of yourself,” Cordy said. “Mr. Parker is at the door.”

“Okay, we’ll give you a ride.”

“I’ll do it,” Quinn chimed in. ‘You and Mr. Parker should go home first. You can’t even walk steadily.”

“No, I…”

“Zoe, listen to me.” Quinn sounded serious.

Zoe bit her lips. She wanted to chat for a little longer with Cordy.

“Well, I’ll leave with Cordy first.” Quinn ignored Zoe before she was about to leave with Cordy.

The door was opened, and Jay was indeed at the door.

When he saw Cordy come out, he appeared slightly awkward.

“Zoe is drunk. Please take care of her.” On the contrary, Cordy spoke up very naturally.

“Okay, do you want me to give you a ride?”

“Let me,” Quinn hurriedly said.

So, Jay mentioned nothing more about that.

It would be very awkward if he gave Cordy a ride now.

After Cordy and Quinn left, Jay entered the private room, where he saw Zoe sitting unsteadily beside
John. “John, are you… okay?”

Did she not address him as her nephew?

Jay rolled his wheelchair over to them, but he did not urge them to leave.

After all, Zoe could easily get rid of her hangover. Being good at drinking, even if she was very drunk
tonight, she could still be lively and energetic the next day.

“Johnny,” Jay called after John.

“Hmm,” John replied.

He did not expose his emotions, but he picked up the glass of wine and started drinking.

Zoe wanted to stop him, but she found it good to let him drown his sorrows.

She picked up the glass and wanted to drink too, but Jay stopped her.

Hence, she was dissatisfied.

“You’re the bridesmaid tomorrow.” Jay reminded her.

However, Zoe pouted.

She was sober now, and she had regained her wits.

She inevitably said, “John, weren’t you too impatient? You can’t do that in front of everyone… Although
you’re left with no options since she’s going to marry tomorrow, you have to respect her thoughts. You
can’t do that just because you were drunk! Well, Cordy hates you even more now.”

John remained silent, while Jay was struck speechless. “Don’t talk too much.”

Did she not see how much pain John was in?

That kind of affair…

If he could hold himself back, he would not have gone to such an extent.

Who was willing to see their beloved hate them?

“I was anxious too. I wanted to give him a chance on the last night. I didn’t expect that…” Zoe was
angry about how John let her down.

“That wasn’t a chance at all. Cordy went to such lengths. Of course, there’s no longer any chance
between them!”

“So, are you saying that I made a mistake?” Zoe asked.

“Yes, you were indeed wrong.”

“Jay, we’ve just been married but you’ve become weary of me now, huh?” Zoe interrogated him.

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