Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1150

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Quinn was struck speechless too. “It’s a well-known fact that Cordy is prettier than you. Why do you
haggle over this during her wedding?”

’I’m a female star who never admits defeat,” Zoe announced smugly.

Both Cordy and Quinn were amused by her.

They slept very late the night before, and Cordy might be the one who slept last among them.

She just had a lot of…

In short, Zoe’s joke made her regain her wits at the moment.

Zoe took a deep breath. “I’ll wash my face with cold water. You have to try your best to make me pretty.
Do you get it?”

’Ms. York, you’re very pretty even without makeup on.” The makeup artist tried to please her.

“You talk nicely. I’ll ask Cordy to give you a great bonus later.”

“Thank you, Ms. York, Ms. Sachs.”

The room instantly became lively in the early morning.

It was just a little past eight in the morning.

Cordy had finished dressing up, and so did Zoe and Quinn.

The bridesmaids’ dresses were not any simpler than the bride’s gown.

The bride was dressed in a white wedding gown with a long train that reached the floor. Furthermore,
the hem of the gown was filled with diamond pieces. Cordy looked noble, elegant, charming, and
bewitching. At a glance, she was breathtakingly beautiful in that dress coupled with her deep charms.

The bridesmaids’ dresses were white wedding gowns too but without long trains. The gowns were also
full of small diamonds that glittered brightly under the light.

Zoe enjoyed looking at herself in front of the mirror for a long time. While looking at her dress, she said,
“Cordy, aren’t you afraid that Quinn and I may snatch your limelight? Why did you prepare such pretty
bridesmaids’ dresses for us?”

“Cordy is well aware of her charms.” Smiling, Quinn chimed in.

However, she also found herself very pretty.

All women could not hide their inner joy and satisfaction when they saw beautiful attires regardless of
how solemn they were.

“So, you’re saying that I’m not aware of my charms?” Zoe pretended to be mad.

“No, there are differences between people’s charms.”

“How so? Hmm?” Zoe looked at Quinn.

“Cordy’s charms are unique and rare. It’s very hard to see such a pretty woman in the world.”

“How about me?” Zoe immediately asked.

“You’re a popular beauty.”

“So, you mean that I’m very ordinary, huh?” Zoe was indeed angry now.

“What I meant is that everyone thinks you’re very pretty.” Quinn chuckled.” You’re a super idol. Of
course, your charms are in line with people’s tastes.”

Zoe was stupefied.

She felt that she was tricked by Quinn.

Was Quinn praising her or… putting her down?

Did lawyers always sound so confusing?

“Here comes the bridegroom!”

Zoe had yet to figure it out when someone knocked on the door all of a sudden.

She screamed in shock, “It’s only around eight o’clock, but Patrick is here. How eager is he to marry

“Stop muttering. Go and close the door now,” Quinn hurriedly ordered.

Zoe immediately reacted, quickly rushing to the door with a group of people and no longer caring about
her delicate makeup as she liked to join in the fun.

Cordy watched how everyone became excited all of a sudden in the room.

She smiled faintly before she put away her smile. In the next moment, she revealed a bright smile.

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