Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1151

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Patrick hammered on the door. “Open up!”

There was a raucous from the outside, but Zoe shouted from behind the door, “We wont let you have
Cordy just because you asked!”

She was so excited it was as if she was the one getting married.

“What should I do, then?’ Patrick asked loudly.

“Pay up.”

“You have to open the door. How else can I pay you?’

“Forget it. You men are savages-you’ll start charging in the instant we open the door,” Zoe replied, not
easily fooled.

It was true, since many of Patrick’s family and friends from Rocktown were there with him, and were
ready to charge inside like bandits if she opened the door.

“Well, how am I going to pay you if you don’t open the door?”

“It’s the digital age, Mr. Stuart. There’s something called Google Pay!”

‘ But I don’t have your account number.”

“Then start asking.”

Patrick had no choice but to ask, and Zoe told him. She soon received a notification of a wire transfer.

It was a four-digit sum, and Zoe was impressed as she checked. “How generous of you, paying through
the nose for your wedding! Alright, everyone get in. We’re splitting the spoils!’

After a while and the bridesmaids were done splitting the money, Patrick started knocking again. “You
have your money. Can you open the door now?”

“But I never said I’d open the door. I was just telling you what you should do to marry Cordy, and the
payment is just one of them.’

“Yes, ma’am. Well, what do I have to do now?’ Patrick asked calmly, seemingly not upset and fully

“Do you see the staff members outside?”

“Staff members?” Patrick exclaimed in surprise.

Cordy was caught off guard, too-when did Zoe prepare that? Was she not drunk silly last night and
completely out of it this morning?

“When did you prepare this?” Quinn could not help asking.

“Ages ago. Can’t let Patrick win so easily,” Zoe answered excitedly.

And soon enough, Patrick was calling from outside. “We see them.’

“They are carrying sweets, lemons, bitter melon, and jalapenos. Each represents a different taste and
the vicissitudes of life, and if you survive that, it means that you’ll stick with Cordy no matter what

“You mean I’m eating those?’ Patrick asked meekly.

“Who else would eat it, me?” Zoe retorted. “And make a video call while you do. We need video
evidence or you’ll cheat.”

“Okay!” Patrick agreed to it right away.

Once his video call got through, Zoe quickly brought it over to show Cordy while the other ladies
flocked up to watch as well.

Things were certainly lively.

Patrick took the lemon slice first, and he grimaced from the taste.

Everyone inside and outside the room were laughing themselves silly.

After that, Patrick had the candy before chewing on the chunk of bitter melon.

He was on the verge of the tears from the horrible bitter taste, rousing another round of laughter.

After that…

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