Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1157

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John hurried to Cordy’s dressing room.

She had just finished preparing and was ready to enter the banquet hall, but just as she opened the
door, she found John standing there, panting and sweating all over his forehead.

He looked like he had something important to say, but before Cordy could say a word, Zoe exclaimed
loudly and excitedly, “John! Have you decided to steal a bride?!”

She really did not care how huge a mess she was causing.

Still, John did not even look her way.

Instead, he saw the flash of disgust in Cordy’s eyes.

Still, he did his best to stay calm and said, “I just saw Nana entering the banquet hall. I’m worried she’ll
do something terrible, so just delay the ceremony for a moment, and we can resume once we find her-“

‘ Don’t make me hate you even more, John Levine.” Cordy cut him short right then.

As John was left blinking, she added coldly, ’I don’t want a fight at my own wedding. Now, move.”

“Cordy, I’m not trying to stop your wedding, but something will happen if you go now. You can resume
once we find Nana-“

“So you’d rather I make all our guests wait?!” Cordy snapped angrily. “If you can’t find her, does that
mean she’s not there?! Don’t be so selfish, John!”

“Believe me, it really was Nana-I can get you the footage,” John stammered, unsure how to explain.

He was also too flustered to record the video.

‘ Why should I trust you?” Cordy asked him then. “After what happened that night?” 1

John was suddenly dumbstruck and left pursing his lips.

She could well hate him for the rest of her life after that night.

Even so, he insisted, “Nana really is in the banquet hall. Call Sean if you don’t believe me-“

‘ If she’s there, so be it! I won’t let anyone stop my wedding, so move!” Cordy growled slowly and
clearly, and kept glowering at John.

John was left staring at her fixedly.

He could not convince her, but he did not want to let her pass either.

Cordy gritted her teeth in turn and pushed him away as hard as he could, and John wobbled in his

Zoe stood nearby, afraid to make a sound.

Cordy was scary when she was furious-even more so than John.

And to be honest, John could just admit that he loved her instead of using someone else as an excuse.

If he had just told Cordy he did not want her to marry, taken her hand, and eloped, maybe Cordy would
not have been that furious.

And after pushing him away, Cordy strode toward the banquet hall, but she had barely taken a step
when John caught her wrist, holding her firmly in place as he said, “Cordy, even if you hate me-“


Cordy slapped John so hard across the face that Zoe thought her soul leapt out of her body, and she
clamped a hand over her mouth to stop herself from crying out.

Cordy was certainly savage, slapping John so viciously a palm print showed distinctly on his face just

“Let me go, John!” she shrieked in clear agitation, struggling against his grip, but John only held on
tighter while Cordy’s temper flared!

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