Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1153

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Before Patrick could react, Sean was already on the floor doing push-ups rapidly-twice quicker than
Patrick and doing fifty even though he just had to do over twenty.

Even Zoe was mesmerized. “Oh, I never knew! To think the scion of the Cranstons isn’t that young, but
he’s quite capable! By the way, six packs or eight?”

She spoke a little too loudly, and it was also audible from the video call.

Everyone laughed, and someone even goaded Sean to lift his shirt.

“Stop it, guys…’ Patrick tried to defend Sean right then, thinking he should defend Sean as much since
Sean was nice enough to help him with the push-ups.

And yet, before he could finish, Sean had already lifted his shirt, baring eight -pack abs.

“Woah…” Zoe could not help gasping, surprised that Sean was actually that well-built.

She always presumed that Sean would be the soft-spoken type, just as she was surprised that Sean
would attend this wedding.

Still, considering that other rich and important families were attending, it was reasonable for Patrick to
invite them as a way of courtesy, even though she never heard before that Patrick was this close with

‘Show some restraint, Zoe,” Jay said sternly from the video call just then.

Zoe quickly turned away, almost forgetting that her husband was there too.

’Can you let Patrick in now, Ms. York?’ Sean asked after lowering his shirt.

But I never said that anyone was allowed to help him.” Zoe smiled wickedly.

“You can’t really deny your best friend her first night either, can you?*’ Sean smiled good-naturedly in

Zoe thought about it and decided that Sean was being reasonable.

’Seeing that you’ve put in physical effort and offered some eye candy, it’s open sesame!”

And with that, Zoe ran up to open the door.

Outside, Patrick stood, panting and sweating buckets.

Sean was sweating a lot as well as he stood beside Sean.

Still, Zoe barely had a good look at Sean when she sensed a hostile glare and turned to find Jay

Men were really petty, were they not?

Nonetheless, she suddenly caught sight of John too.

He came as well? So Jay was keeping him company?!

How much did he lose his mind that he came with the bridegroom’s procession? Was he a masochist?!

’Get your presents, everyone!” Outside, Patrick’s friends began to hand out gifts, causing
pandemonium as everyone in and out hurried to get theirs.

Patrick seized the opening and rushed into the room, reaching Cordy, who sat on a large white bed.

The train of her bridal gown was arranged in a heart shape so that she was on top of it, with countless
rose petals carpeting the bed.

It was as aesthetic as it was romantic.

“I’m here, Cordy,” Patrick said as he presented her the bouquet he was holding.

Cordy smiled-she had been waiting for this moment.

“Wait, hold on!” Zoe exclaimed as she suddenly rushed into the room.

Patrick was already traumatized and promptly beckoned for his friends to bring out more gifts.

’I’m not that materialistic, but it’d be a waste to reject a gift,” Zoe said as she snatched one away. “I
won’t make things difficult or delay the wedding, but propose to Cordy again with everyone as your
witness. And be earnest, get down on your knees.”

Patrick quickly did so, dropping straight on both knees and drawing more raucous laughter.

‘ Already learned how to kiss the floor, have we?” Zoe teased.

Patrick blushed, but he raised the bouquet and asked loudly, “Will you marry me, Cordy?!”

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