Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1159

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John kept searching the banquet hall until he inadvertently looked up at the screen above the stage.

Patrick, with a bouquet of white flowers, moved closer to Cordy and slowly lifted her veil.

Her beauty was hence revealed to one and all, just as the lights illuminated her figure.

Crystalline glint flashed over her bridal gown, unveiling her divine beauty endlessly.

Everyone held either breaths, as if the dreamlike scene before them should never be disturbed.

Patrick in turn gazed at her lovingly, taking a deep breath as he repressed his burgeoning excitement.

He could not resist saying, ‘You’re so beautiful, Cordy,”

Cordy flashed a breathtaking smile in turn, and Patrick felt like he would suffocate from the devastating

Nearby, Zoe could not help exclaiming, “Why isn’t Cordy in showbiz?

There’s no debating the issue-those looks alone would get her to the top.”

Quinn nodded beside her, since Zoe’s comment was no exaggeration.

It was a great blessing for anyone to witness such beauty in their lifetime.

Below the stage, John averted his eyes, afraid to let his gaze linger.

Cordy was so beautiful it hurt, and he did not dare to lose himself to it.

He still had to find Nana—he could not let her ruin Cordy’s wedding, not when Cordy was looking
forward to it so much.

While John weaved his way through the crowd, Patrick took Cordy’s hand as the priest instructed, his
heart racing when he did.

His whole body started shuddering as well, and Cordy noticed the sweat over his brow as well.

“Are you nervous?” she could not help asking.

Patrick nodded, looking her deep into her eyes as he said, “It just feels so unreal… I mean, I dreamed
of this day, but I’m really marrying you now.”

Cordy smiled as she squeezed his hand. “Yeah, it’s all real, and we’ll grow old together.”

Patrick nodded repeatedly.

He would definitely love her for the rest of their lives and never fall for anyone else.

They walked down the aisle as instructed, on a red carpet covered with petals.

The train of Cordy’s bridal gown was certainly an aesthetical marvel as it dragged the petals along.

Pink petals were raining down from above as well, and they were a picturesque sight as the blue-white
lights shone upon them.

Everyone was certainly drawn to the sight, almost none of them noticing a dark figure slowly
approaching the stage.

Even though the security personnel had been searching endlessly, she eluded them easily, and slowly
closed in on Cordy and Patrick.

Cordy was so beautiful and found happiness… while she lost everything.

What gave Cordy the right to claim the spotlight, while she was left no more significant than dust?

No one showed the Lynds any respect after their fall from grace, and people would just mock her if she
showed her face in public.

Why did she have to suffer such inhumane treatment?

But one way or another, Cordy was the reason for all of this.

If not for her, her family would not have been ruined, and John would not have been so cruel.

She had to kill Cordy to quell her spite, even if it meant she would fall too. Her eyes narrowed…

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