Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1160

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Nana was holding a black gun, and she waited for the perfect moment before dashing up the stage—
she was bent on killing Cordy when her happiness peaked!

However, just as she brought her gun level at Cordy and was about to pull the trigger, a figure lunged
forward and knocked Cordy to the floor, shielding her stalwartly behind himself.

Nana blinked, but one glance was enough to register that it was John.

So he was going to die protecting Cordy when she was marrying someone else?!

As a matter of fact, Nana knew John was looking for her, even sending everyone he could to do so.

However, Nana had crossdressed and hid herself in the men’s room, eluding any prying eyes to slip
into the banquet hall.

She actually thought for a moment that the wedding would be called off, since John would have
stopped it-she was certainly surprised that it carried on in the end.

Who was being overconfident here, Cordy or John?

Still, she had to give it to him-his presence made her pause, and she did not pull the trigger.

At the same time, the sudden situation of John knocking Cordy to the floor left everyone stunned.

Her eyes were instantly filled with rage-she could sense John’s familiar presence, and she knew it was
him even if everyone else could not.

Patrick was startled by the sudden commotion but immediately reached out to grab John, presuming
right then that he wanted to abduct Cordy.

And he would rather die than let him!

However, before he could reach John, someone else grabbed him and pulled him away.

Patrick turned to see a flustered Sean, dragging him off the stage without letting him a chance to fight

He flailed and bellowed, “A-Are you crazy?! Are you letting John take Cordy away on purpose?!’

Cordy was screaming too. “Let go of me, John Levine-“

Before she could finish, however, John already got off her and dashed in another direction in an instant,
seemingly finding his mark.

Cordy’s heart skipped a beat-she seemed to see Nana for an instant and saw Nana aiming a black gun
at her.

John, however, moved into her line of fire in a flash.

Cordy was too flustered to be sure, but just as she was about to stand up and confirm what she saw, a
squad of security personnel had run up to her, encircling her with riot shields.

While they did so, she saw John jumping toward Nana, who had her gun trained on him…


Cordy panicked, but at the next instant, a resounding bang echoed in the hall.

The guests were all stunned, and screams soon echoed.

Most of them promptly dropped to a crouch beneath their tables or behind the chairs, while Cordy
watched from a distance as two figures strode out

of the hall.

Soon, many security personnel followed, and the hall soon turned silent.

The lights in the hall were lit up right then, but Cordy had no idea what happened out there, let alone
what happened in the end…

Sean released Patrick then, and he promptly ran to Cordy’s side.

Sean sprinted out of the banquet hall in turn and started chasing after John.

’ Are you alright, Cordy?” Patrick asked nervously, noticing her deathly pale face just then

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