Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1155

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Richard was quiet and withdrawn, and Zoe’s teasing left him blushing.

“Well, it’s a little upsetting,’ Zoe sighed suddenly, her words seemingly a complete non sequitur.

“You’re upset about Cordy getting married? You’ve been getting both money and gifts, y’know,” Quinn
teased her just then.

’Yeah,” Patrick agreed, slightly agitated. “I did everything you asked me just now.”

“I’m not saying that I’m upset about you getting married,’ Zoe replied, rolling her eyes. “I just think it
hurts that Dicky would be someone else’s son -in-law. Such a shame, he’s such a looker…”

While everyone was left speechless, Zoe added seriously, “I was planning to have him marry Yelena,
but they’re somewhat blood related. It’s so frustrating!”

Zoe was upset, but everyone laughed at her words, which only left Richard blushing even harder.

There was never a dull moment with her in the car.

As they arrived at the hotel, Cordy, Zoe, and Quinn headed straight to the dressing room while Patrick
greeted guests outside.

Richard deliberately stayed in the hotel to wait for John, who was wheeling Jay into the hotel.

Jay joked, “I’m surprised. You’re actually attending the entirety of Cordy’s wedding.”

“I can at least bear witness since I can’t give her one.’ John flashed a pained smile.

Jay did not reply, since he could imagine how much John’s heart would be bleeding at the moment.

Back then, when Zoe was with Bob… it still hurt in the chest to think of it now.

As they headed toward their seats, Richard hurried to them when he saw them. “Daddy.”

John nodded, and they all sat at one of the main seats.

They were the bride’s guests, after all.

As they sat down, Sean approached them and Richard greeted him politely. “Uncle Sean.”

Sean nodded and clapped his little shoulder, while Jay was surprised.

“Uncle?” He mouthed at John-why would Richard address Sean as uncle, not to mention that he
seemed close with Sean?

John said, ’He’s Cordy’s cousin-from her mother’s side.”

Jay did a double take but soon came to a realization.

It was not surprising now that Cordy often visited the capital recently, not to mention that the identity of
Cordy’s mother had always been a mystery.

Jay sighed-now that it was obvious Cordy’s mother was a member of the Cranston family, Cordy
herself was someone important.

Nonetheless, the trio were mostly silent as they sat together.

Richard had been mature even as a child and never got restless.

Around them, the crowd was shuffling through the grandly decorated hall, illuminated with myriad-
colored lights and graced by melodious tunes.

Intimate wedding photos of Patrick and Cordy were everywhere, making the place appear even more

There was another hour until the wedding formally started, and John was killing time on his phone,
keeping his head lowered as he stared at the screen.

Naturally, nothing was registering—he just wanted to keep himself composed.

Suddenly, his eyes narrowed and he turned to the side, catching a glimpse of a familiar figure.

“What’s wrong?” Jay noticed the reaction right then, since he was sitting right beside John.

John pursed his lips and hesitated for a moment before he got to his feet.” I’m going to the washroom.”

“I’m coming too, Daddy,’ Richard quickly said.

“You can go on your own. I’m going out to smoke,” John hastily came up with another excuse.

Richard frowned as he left.

He knew his daddy was not as indifferent as he appeared, and yet…

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