Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1167

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Cordy left with Quinn, leaving the staff to handle the guests.She certainly was not in the mood to deal
with anything else, but she had to admit that she was depressed.

Even after she got in her car, she realized afterward that it was the bridal car for her and Patrick, which
left her even more depressed.

Quinn noticed that too and was left feeling a little helpless.

"Cordy..." Cordy took a deep breath.

"It's alright."

Quinn shook her head—how could she be? Even if the feelings were not that strong, anyone would be
upset being left at the altar.Still, she had no idea how to console Cordy.

Should she say that she felt a little lucky?! It was far better than to proceed with the wedding, have
bottled-up feelings after, and force herself to be happy.But Quinn was afraid to say it—only Zoe would
ever dare say something like that.

Cordy naturally did not know what was on Quinn's mind, and she picked up her phone, hesitating for a
moment before making the call.

"Hey Cordy," Sean answered.

"Don't worry, John is going to be fine.The doctors are operating on him, but he can be discharged in a
week after rest.It's no issue, so you can proceed with your wedding—"

"Patrick left me at the altar," Cordy said quietly.

Deathly silence ensued.

Sean did not ask questions or appear agitated—perhaps it just came too suddenly that he could not
quite react.

"The wedding was called off, and the guests were sent home.I've left the hotel, and..."

Cordy trailed off, her voice choking with tears.

Every word seemed to wound her further.

She did not like to show her feelings, but Sean had always been a stalwart shield to her, and she could
not control herself when it was him, especially emotional turmoil.

"I'll be right there," Sean said, his tone turning calm.

"I'll leave some instructions with the hospital and come over.Jay is here with Zoe, so they can keep
John company.Where are you now?"

"It's fine," Cordy said, taking a deep breath to compose herself.

"I'm just worried that Patrick is hurting more than I am.If you could spend the time, you should check on


"Sorry for the trouble," Cordy said somberly.

"It's no trouble," Sean said, his voice a little thrilled just then.He usually would say something like,
"We're family’.

However, Cordy was not able to consider that much just then.

Lowering her phone, she told Quinn, "I can go home by myself, Quinn.I'd like to be alone."


Quinn agreed to it right away.

"Go home and get some rest—anything can wait later.I'll check on John later too, and update you


Quinn left after Cordy reached her mansion, calling Zoe before rushing to the hospital.She ran into
Sean who was just about to leave when she arrived, and he appeared surprised to see her.

"Where's Cordy?"

"She said she needed time alone, so I came." Sean frowned.

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