Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1168

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"Don't worry.Cordy knows what she's doing and won't get up to anything serious," Quinn said bluntly.

"If she wants to be alone, she wants to be alone."

"Yeah," Sean replied.

"Are you leaving? Don't let me keep you," Quinn said, smiling faintly as Sean gazed at her.

With that, she said nothing else and headed to the hallway outside the operating room.Both Jay and
Zoe were waiting outside, worry clear on their faces.

"Oh, you're here, Quinn!" Zoe was thrilled to see her.


"Wait, if you're here...what about Cordy's wedding?!" Zoe exclaimed.

Even if she disliked how Cordy treated John, she earnestly wanted the best for Cordy regardless.

"Didn't Sean tell you?" Quinn exclaimed in surprise, thinking to herself then that the geezer was really

"Patrick left Cordy at the altar."


Zoe could not help exclaiming, and for a moment, the only sound in the entire hospital was her voice.

The nurses at the nurse's station turned toward her, and Quinn promptly shushed her.

"Calm down—don't make a scene.Aren't you worried that you'd bother the doctors operating on John?"

"Oh, right." Zoe quickly nodded.

"But how did it happen? Patrick loves Cordy to bits, doesn't he? Why would he change his mind? Are
you sure it's not Cordy leaving him at the altar?!"

"Yeah." Quinn nodded.

"I think Patrick might have realized that Cordy is not really in love with him.He did not want either of
them hurt because of that."

"Holy sh*t!"

Zoe could not help cursing just then.

"Shouldn't you be pleased?"

"I should, but it still upsets me that Cordy is being left at the altar so publicly."

"Oh, you're always softie inside, aren't you? You were just snapping at Cordy before, and now you feel
for her?"


Zoe trailed off, feeling awkward until she remembered.

"By the way, why isn't Cordy here?’’

"Consider her position—she was just left at the altar, she won't be in the mood to check on John right
now.She's human, she needs time to process her feelings...Anyway, everything is happening too fast

for me, but judging from how things are developing at the moment, it's going to be good for everyone."
Zoe thought about it and nodded.

Still, she grumbled, "Couldn't Patrick have picked a better time to walk away? It's so terrible for Cordy,
being dumped so publicly!"

"He's human too.It's hard for him to make a choice like this —be more understanding."

"That's true." Zoe nodded.

While they continued their exchange, Jay listened to it all in silence nearby.He had to admit that he
heaved a subtle sigh of relief when he heard that the wedding between Cordy and Patrick was called

Like Quinn said, things were developing in a way that was good for everyone, and it was fortunate that
it did not go beyond a path of no turning back.

Half an hour later, John was wheeled out of the operating room.

Meanwhile, Nana was in police custody.Her shot only struck John's arm, perhaps because she
hesitated for a moment.

Otherwise, she could easily hit him in the heart.

As he was wheeled out of surgery, everyone else quickly surrounded him.

John was conscious, though a little frail after undergoing surgery.

"Good news, John," Zoe exclaimed impatiently.

"Cordy did not marry Patrick—he left her at the altar. Cordy's single again now!"

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