Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1170

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Richard thought about it and nodded. “Okay, I’ll visit tomorrow.” ’Yeah.”

As Richard tamely left with Jay and the others, Zoe could not help teasing John as they did, “Cordy’s is
my bestie. If you need my help in any way, just ask. Should always keep the nice things for the family,

John stayed silent and actually appeared haughty even though there was a surging storm in his heart.

He could not help heaving a deep sigh after they were gone, and he was shuddering ever so slightly.

Cordy and Patrick did not get married.

That meant…

Still, he just wanted to recover quickly and get discharged soon.

He refused to miss out again!

In North City airport, Sean had been calling Patrick repeatedly, but Patrick never answered and
eventually turned off his phone.

Sean searched for Patrick everywhere-the hotel he was lodging, the Stuarts’ businesses in North City,
and the bridal suite prepared for him and Cordy.

Eventually, he found that the man had arrived at the airport and bought a plane ticket.

Going home to mommy and daddy after heartbreak? How childish of him. As Sean entered the VIP
lounge, he saw a man seated in a massage chair from afar, hanging his head as he held on to a veil.

Moving closer, Sean saw the man’s tears rolling down his cheeks.

So Patrick really was hiding in a corner to cry…

In fact, Sean already knew why Patrick did it when he received Cordy’s call -it was definitely to let
Cordy be with John.

What an idiot.

Patrick loved Cordy so much but would rather hurt himself for her sake.

He should know that given Cordy’s personality, she would love him with all her mind and spirit.

He just did not want Cordy to suffer.

As such, Sean refrained from disturbing Patrick and simply sat nearby in silence to keep him company.

Crying was ideal for sadness, after all.

In fact, Patrick was so caught in his own misery he did not notice that Sean had been sitting with him
for at least an hour, until an air hostess approached him to tell him, “Mr. Stuart, you may board your
flight now.”

Patrick nodded.

When he looked up, he had already wiped away his tears and quickly strode out, still not noticing Sean.

Sean smiled faintly and quietly followed him to the first-class cabin.

He stared outside the window, still not noticing that Sean was right beside him even as the airplane
took to the air.

Patrick watched as North City became ever distant and thought to himself that he was never coming

It hurt too much, after all.

He was persistently regretting his decision as well, but in the end, he still hoped that he had granted
Cordy happiness-or at least a fair chance for her to pursue it.

His eyes welled with tears again.

However, he paused just as he was about to turn and pick up some tissues to wipe them off, finally
noticing that Sean had been sitting beside him and staring at him.

Was Sean here to laugh at him?!

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