Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1171

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"W-What are you..."

Patrick was too agitated to speak when he saw Sean.

How long had Sean been sitting beside him? How long was Sean watching him make a fool of
himself?! Was Sean watching all the while he cried?! How could someone be so horrible?!"

In fact, Patrick was so furious he could have a stroke.

However, just as he was about to yell at Sean, Sean clasped a hand over his mouth, denying him the
chance to speak.

Patrick's eyes widened and reddened, clearly infuriated.

"Shush," Sean told him calmly nonetheless.

"Don't make too much noise—you're on a plane."

Somehow, Patrick thought that Sean was messing with him on purpose.He was so furious he could
murder, and he promptly bit on Sean's palm at that instant as hard as he could.He put so much weight
into it he was shaking.

Patrick wanted nothing less than to kill Sean or at least bite a chunk of his hand off.

Sean frowned, clearly in pain but not making a sound.

He merely bore with Patrick's venting, and even Patrick had no idea how long he was biting Sean—he
could taste blood when he finally came to his senses.

Taken aback, he seemed to calm down right then and stopped biting down on Sean.

Sean did not pull his hand away, however.

"Have you calmed down now?"

Patrick did not say a word and simply turned aside as if pouting.

"As long as you're calm now," Sean said and pulled his hand away.

Gruesomely deep teeth marks were clearly visible over it, and blood was seeping out.

Patrick glanced at it and felt a little guilty.

Still, he remembered that Sean was deliberately messing with him, and he was too furious to talk to

On the other hand, Sean slowly wiped the blood off his palm and seemed not to care about it anymore.

Patrick gave him a look.

"That's all?"

"Or, what?"

"Aren't you going to clean it?" Patrick asked grumpily.

"I did.It's not bleeding now."

While Patrick was left speechless, Sean smiled faintly.

"Or what, are you going to disinfect it for me?" Patrick rolled his eyes.

"I'm not a doctor.I don't carry bottles of antiseptic around with me."

"Your spit can do the trick," Sean said.

"Are you a deviant, man?"

"Shush," Sean put a finger on his own lips—Patrick's voice was already making some passengers
around them scowl.

Patrick sighed lengthily and held his tongue, but he turned aside and looked like he did not want to talk
to anyone.

Sean pressed the service bell in turn, since there would always be first kid kits ready onboard.

However, he had just pressed it when Patrick suddenly picked up his hand and licked his palm.

Sean was left blinking at the warm sensation and looked at Patrick in disbelief.He was also blushing up
to his ear, since he only said that without meaning it and did not believe Patrick would have done it at

Patrick was left embarrassed by Sean's stare and let go of his hand while growling coolly, "Don't make
me feel like owe you.I hate owning people!"

Sean simply smiled—he just could not help it.

Patrick blushed from his reaction.

"Don't be nice just because you got a goodie.I'm just—"

Before he could finish...

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