Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1172

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An air stewardess arrived.

"Good evening, sir.How may I assist you?"

"I accidentally got bitten," Sean replied.

"Could you help me disinfect it and bandage it?"

"Of course.One moment, please."

Once she left, Patrick's face almost turned green.

"Were you messing with me, Sean?!"

His voice was shaking from restraint, and every word was growled through clenched teeth.

Sean simply flashed an outrageous smile at him—Patrick never saw him smile like that and started to
shake with rage and murderous impulse.

However, he had to bear with it since he was on a plane and turned his head aside, not wanting to look
at Sean twice.

Soon, the air stewardess had cleaned and bandaged Sean's palm, and neither man spoke along the
rest of the journey.

Nonetheless, Sean kept following Patrick after they disembarked, leaving Patrick almost hysterical.He
certainly did not want to see Sean for another second after what happened on the plane.

"Why are you following me?"

"Cordy told me to keep you company."

Patrick's heart stung at the mention of Cordy—she was a thorn in his heart that could not be pulled out
for the rest of his life now.

"Don't need it.I'm fine," he said nonetheless.

"Then I need your company," Sean said bluntly.

"And why should I keep you company?!"

Patrick snapped angrily—he was suffering heartbreak, and he still had to keep the man company?!
"You traumatized me severely when you left my dear cousin at the altar.I need to adjust."

"Could you be more shameless?" Patrick asked viciously.

"And what trauma are you talking about?! It wasn't your wedding!"

"Can't I mourn for my cousin?"

Patrick rolled his eyes, refusing to waste his breath.

"Do whatever you like.Just stay away from me."

"I've never been to Rocktown."

"Then get on the next flight home."

"l lost my ID."

"I don't believe you."

"But I really did."

Patrick started giving Sean a pat-down, searching every nook and cranny where he might have hidden
his ID.

For his part, Sean did not push Patrick away, allowing Patrick to touch him as much as he wanted.

Two young women—a university student—who saw them nearby were smiling meaningfully.

The looks on their eyes were obviously...

"Hey! What are you looking at?!"

Patrick snapped at them right then.

Startled, they bolted right then, though not before they said, "Be happy together for the rest of your


Patrick was so incensed he could swear.

Still, Sean stopped him.

"Calm down.We're in public.Be more aware of your image."

"Then let go of me!" Patrick snapped at him in return.

"Who, me?"

It was only then that Patrick noticed his hand was still placed on Sean.

After that tussle just now, he seemed to have wrapped his arms around the other man.

‘Shét! Patrick promptly leapt away from Sean by a few paces, though his eyes suddenly caught
something when he did.

"What the hell is in your hand, Sean Cranston?!" he demanded, bristling with rage.

Sean turned to see that he was actually holding his own ID.

"You mother—"

Before he could finish, Patrick watched as Sean handily threw his ID into an robotic electric cleaner,
which soon dashed away.

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