Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1176

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‘You were drunk last night.1

Sean stretched his back, putting a pillow against the headboard to cushion himself as he sat up,
sighing emotionally. “Urgh, I’m really sore all over.”

’Shut up!” Patrick bellowed at him.

Sean was left confused as to how he upset Patrick.

It took him great effort just to bathe the man last night, so that he could sleep comfortably… only to
throw a fit at him first thing in the morning?!

Did he even remember how terrible he was, flailing around like a child while Sean bathed him?!

Not only did Sean have to coax him just like with a child, he even scratched Sean as he resisted.

“You’re still drunk, aren’t you?” Sean asked, studying him just then.

‘Yes, yes, yes, I’m still drunk!” Patrick admitted to it right away. “That’s why I had no idea what I did last
night at all! So I refuse to take responsibility!”

Sean was left staring at Patrick again.

‘Refuse to take responsibility?’

Still, Sean understood in an instant.

So Patrick was presuming what happened last night was…

Sean smiled ever so subtly at that, if a little cunning.

“Not remembering doesn’t mean you never did it,” he countered. “The law punishes you even if you
were amnesiac, as long as you’re found guilty.”

‘W-What do you want?!” Patrick blurted, glaring at Sean as regret seized his guts.

Why did he have to drink too much last night and give in to Sean goading?

Come to think of it, Sean seemed to tell him to keep it moderate…


If Sean never offered him that alcohol, he would not have drank so much, let alone getting a hangover
and into so much trouble!

’What do you think?” Sean asked in return.

’Don’t forget that you’re married. You have a wife!” Patrick snapped a little too loudly, somehow finding
the spine to argue. “Let’s pretend nothing happened last night. I won’t tell anyone-or ruin your

‘But I can’t pretend nothing happened…”

’This is for your own good! What more do you want?!” Patrick cried, flustered-why did Sean have to
look a gift horse in the mouth?!

’We’re married in name only,” Sean said bluntly just then.

’What?! It was a sham?!’ There was disgust in Patrick’s eyes right then.

Sean was actually impressed by how conservative Patrick was. “Look, my wife’s actual love interest
used to be a good friend of mine who sadly passed away in an accident. She was already pregnant by
then, and I married her so that his child would have a family-at least nominally.”

Patrick stared blankly as Sean explained everything.

Wait, why was Sean telling him that?!

Just then, Sean continued, “But both my wife and I know in the years of our marriage that living
together would only remind us of the pain of losing my friend. That’s why she’s been planning to take
her child overseas and start fresh—we’re finalizing our divorce as we speak.”

’Why tell me all that? What does that have to do with me?” Patrick asked impatiently.

’That means you have nothing to worry about when you take responsibility for me now.”

’What…” Patrick was left stumped for a moment before snapping, “Sean Cranston, are you saying that

‘I am,” Sean admitted shortly. 1

Patrick was stunned.

He had never heard any such rumors, and he certainly could not tell!

‘You kept it well under wraps in your own case, no?” Sean asked in return just then.

Patrick did double-take

Sean was right, and yet…

He never could tell that Sean swung that way.

‘That’s the long and short of why I can’t take over the family estate and why I’m working so hard to
groom another heir—I can’t produce an heir,” Sean added.

Patrick suddenly could not say anything against that.

After a moment, Sean asked, “So? How will you take responsibility for me?”

“I-I… it’s not my first time. And here I thought you were a virgin-“

’It is my first time. And I’m forty,” Sean said bluntly.

‘No way…”

After all, chastity never mattered to the likes of them.

‘I’m ready if you want to launch a full-scale investigation,” Sean said with considerable composure.

Patrick’s heart skipped a beat.

What kind of clusterf*ck did he just get himself into?!

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