Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1177

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A week passed.

In North City, Cordy took the time to adjust and was more or less back to normal.

Emotions would flare when she occasionally remembered what happened, but the issue was not at all

And when she showed up at work, the employees would scarcely dare to act like something happened.

After clearing a load of work for the day, Cordy decided to call Sean after some thought-she was
convinced that she could be friends for life with Patrick, even if they could not be husband and wife.

And although Sean had left to soften the blow for him over the week, he never called or texted her, so
she had no idea how Patrick was doing.

Soon, Sean answered, though he was clearly drowsy as if he had still been sleeping.

And it was almost 11 AM-since when did he wake up so late?

‘You’re still not up yet? What were you doing? Did you stay up the whole night?” Cordy asked, puzzled.

‘Yeah, I just woke up,’ Sean rasped before adding vaguely, “Well, it’s technically not the whole night…”

Cordy did not press the issue and instead asked, “Where have you been the whole week?”

’Why? What is it?”

“Did you forget you were supposed to talk to Patrick for me? Don’t tell me that you’re back in the capital
already?” Cordy was a little disgruntled just then.

“Uh…” Sean could not say anything to that.

Cordy had a hunch right then. “Are you hiding something from me?”

“Uh.” Sean neither confirmed nor denied.

’You didn’t talk to him at all, did you?” Cordy snapped, a little angry just then. “At least tell me you
weren’t going… Urgh, whatever. I know you’re busy. I’ll call him myself.”

With that, Cordy hung up, gritted her teeth, and called Patrick in the end.

He picked up right after one ring. “Cordy.”

He somehow sounded panicked, even though he answered so quickly Cordy felt like he expected her

Something just felt out of place.

“How are you doing?”

’Nothing,” Patrick promptly said.

While Cordy was left speechless, Patrick corrected himself. “I mean, I’m fine. No issue over here. What
about you?”

“I’m fine too.”

“Well…” Patrick had no idea what to say.

Well, what could he say?

It was not like he could just say it…

He shot a glare at the man beside him, who was smiling gleefully as he made a fool of himself.

He had no idea how he fell right into Sean’s hands, and it left him thoroughly indignant.

‘Still friends?” Cordy asked, smiling and trying not to put Patrick in an awkward situation.

‘ Of course.”

Hell, they might be in-laws soon.

‘Alright, I shan’t impose. There’s a partnership in the works here, so come over and check how things
are running if you have the time,” Cordy said, as if it was only natural. “We’ll leave the past behind.”


‘See you.”

‘See you.”

Cordy put away her phone at that and sighed.

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